5 Bed Stone House in Le Beugnon, France - Own Pool, Paddocks & Woods!

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Le Beugnon, Poitou-Charentes, 79130, France, Beugnon-Thireuil (France)

5 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms · 289Floor area



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5 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms




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Welcome to a picturesque 5-bedroom farmhouse nestled in the breathtaking heart of Le Beugnon, Poitou-Charentes, 79130, France. This charming stone abode is steeped in the rustic allure consistent with the traditional French countryside. Embodying an aura of serenity, it finds itself majestically cradled in the borderline enchanting landscape of the Gatine Hills, fondly referred to as 'Little Switzerland' due to their idyllic beauty.

Serenely located between the pulsating towns of Coulonges-sur-L'Autize and Secondigny, this abode offers the calm of the countryside with the convenience of urban facilities, such as dining establishments, shopping outlets, and supermarkets. This property thus perfectly runs the gamut from tranquility to vibrancy, granting you the best of both worlds.

Property Features:
- 5 spacious bedrooms with private ensuite facilities.
- Generous lounge diner augmented by a full height sunroom/reception room.
- Expansive first-floor sitting room designed to encapsulate the panoramic view of the surrounding gardens and paddocks.
- An inviting pool built into the hill, providing sweeping scenic views.
- 3.6 hectares of land, comprising gardens, paddocks, a forest, a pond, and a stretch of river.
- An outdoor paved terrace with a pool area and sun deck.

Living in Beugnon-Thireuil doesn't just mean residing in a house; it's about immersing yourself in an authentic French lifestyle. This area is steeped in the history and culture that France is famed for, from its culinary delights to its beautiful natural landscapes.

The charming farmhouse enjoys an idyllic location in the captivating Gatine Hills, offering an incomparable view of the countryside from virtually every corner of the secure property. The outdoors is virtually a playground, with the paddocks ideal for horse-keeping, a generous forest for exploring, and a tranquil pond and river stretch for moments of quiet contemplation.

For the nature aficionado, the surroundings won’t disappoint. Picture yourself ambling down forest trails, the sunlight tickling the trees' foliage and soft bird songs accompanying you on your tranquil sojourn.

This property speaks to buyers who appreciate the charm of country living with the perks of nearby urban amenities. A short drive will transport you from the tranquility of your farmhouse to the bustle of the local towns that abound with shops, restaurants, and supermarkets.

The climate in Poitou-Charentes is mild and fair, with warm, sunny summers and cool, crisp winters. The region receives an abundance of sunshine, averaging over 2,250 hours per year, coming second only to the French Riviera, an aspect which fully complements the outdoor eatery and pool furnished for your pleasure at the property.

The farmhouse’s condition is remarkably well-kept and good, preserving the original character and charm while offering modern comfort. It brims with potential; as a spacious full-time residence, it can also be sectioned off to create a holiday rental space, thanks to its three entrances that allow for easy segregation.

Nestled in this slice of French paradise, you'll never be short of activities. A brief 40-minute drive will take you to Puy de Fou, an acclaimed historical theme park, while Monkey World and Futuroscope are among the area's other popular attractions.

To sum up, this farmhouse is not merely a structure; it's the gateway to a lifestyle - a meandering journey through scenic nature trails, tranquil moments by the poolside, the rustic charm of stone and wood and the delightful warmth of the French countryside. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of rural French living, amid the romance of rolling hills, horse paddocks, wooded trails and sun-kissed fields, offering you an experience that's nothing short of ethereal.


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