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Enter this monument to tranquillity and history, positioned eloquently between Dublin city and the vast Dublin Mountains. Glenasmole Lodge, Glenasmole, County Dublin: it’s an address that hardly applies to just any home. This 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, detached country residence graces 280 sq metre of history and aesthetic brilliance. Few locations can rival the two combined souls of this home. Found nestled just over 10 miles south of Dublin City Centre, it basks in the span of Glenasmole Valley, a captivating and soothing rural niche. The area is fondly known as the Valley of the Thrushes or the Valley of the Smouldering Embers, exuding a serene and undisturbed charm that is suggests a step back into time. The valley is generously endowed with an array of flora and fauna, including towering Scots Pines, beeches, and mountain ash offset by brilliant blooms of rhododendrons. The Glenasmole lodge holds an essential role in this tableau, offering a performance of architectural brilliance that could give Broadway a run for its money. But that isn’t all. The climate and location of Glenasmole are an impeccable blend of refreshing mountaintop air and the moderate, ocean-tempered weather of Dublin. Enjoy four distinct seasons with a touch of surprise - a winter sprinkling of snow or a summer day that edges towards the tropic, with the wind serving as a courteous guide through the seasonal transitions. The proximity to the source of the River Dodder, which meanders through the lands, and the breathtaking Glenasmole Reservoir offer seemingly endless opportunity for native and overseas buyers alike. Walking trails, equestrian paths and a plethora of green spaces add another layer of depth to the living experience. The Glenasmole locality resounds with tranquillity that is the sweet note to the vibrant hum from the heart of Dublin city. Now approaching this beautiful country home, one becomes spellbound by the enchanted magic of the house and its surroundings. The Glenasmole Lodge is truly a home of immense historical significance where every brick has a tale to tell. The lodge has been turned into a Swiss Chalet over the years and boasts authentic eighteenth and early nineteenth century decorations, with a number of period ornamental details. Amenities: - South-facing paved terrace - Kidney-shaped swimming pool - Pool house in Neo-Regency style - Tennis court - Cutting garden of hybrid tea and floribunda roses - A stone farmhouse featuring elegant stone outbuildings Features: - Multiple formal reception rooms - Ornate Diocletian window - Ornate cornicing - Extraordinary fireplaces - Georgian houses facing decoration - A secondary library staircase - Two garden tables in early cast-concrete - Stabling and old coach house The current condition of the property is good, and has the potential to be transformed into an even more charming gem. The nearby sand arena broadens the spectacle and function alike, heightening the equestrian joy. The land around the house offers grazing opportunities and bridges the remaining lands that abound with mountain-quality splendour. Living in a country home like Glenasmole Lodge is more than living in a house; it's about embracing and celebrating nature and history. It's about understanding that your backyard is not just four walls but the panoramic majesty of valleys, mountains, and a reservoir. Experience the extraordinary property yourself and allow its story to become embedded in the narrative of your own life. Locking down the Glenasmole Lodge at a price of $3,950,000 makes it not just a purchase but an investment in a lifestyle of peace and serenity that remains within arms reach of one of Europe’s liveliest capitals, a unique and enchanting combination that is rarely found elsewhere.

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