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This expansive piece of farmland for sale in the lush hills of Cetona in Siena, Tuscany, Italy is an experience in itself. Not just a lot, this is a promising opportunity for anyone aspiring to establish a country resort. Covering a sprawling 8 hectares, the land is a rich sweep of olive grove, a quaint vineyard, arable land, and forest. Sweating with abundant Tuscan charm, the property offers a panoramic view of this heavenly region of Italy. Positioned at a convenient 8km south from Cetona, it is an accessible location within a few minutes of the thermal waters of San Casciano dei Bagni, and the famous Val d'Orcia. More so, it is just 12 km away from Città della Pieve, situated on the border with Umbria. The region has a rich historical background and follows traditions that add an authenticity to its charm. Imagine being in the heart of Italy, surrounded by land that produces fine wines, and extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. This picture-perfect region is a favorite travel destination, with travelers from all over the world coming each year to discover the central heart of Italy. Alongside the lot stand four current buildings used as agricultural storage and warehouse, occupying a total area of about 770 sqm. The presence of these buildings opens the door to transform them into residences for agritourism use. Moreover, the project includes the prospect of building an underground pool with a technical room. The potential of this property is incredible for creating energy-efficient dwellings that blend conventional Tuscan style – natural stones and terracotta bricks – with advanced systems like photovoltaic panels, domotics, and rainwater recycling for domestic and irrigation use. Living in Cetona means experiencing true Italian countryside lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by small hamlets and farmhouses, but it's never too far from civilization – just 1 km away from the nearest village with shops, restaurants, and bars. As for the climate in Cetona, It's typically Mediterranean, with warm, sunny summers and mild winters. It's perfect for those who crave a sun-drenched lifestyle, complete with beautiful hills and vineyards as your daily backdrop. Tuscany is famous for its landscapes, and this particular lot epitomizes those rolling green hills and vineyards that the region is known for. Imagine waking up to the sight of olive groves, and looking out to a Tuscan panorama every morning - it truly is an amazing prospect! Property Features: • 8 hectares of land • Olive groves • Small vineyard • Arable land and forest • Four existing buildings for conversion • Prospective underground swimming pool Amenities: • Close to Cetona and Città della Pieve • Near to local village with shops, restaurants, and bars • Easy access to thermal waters of San Casciano dei Bagni and Val d'Orcia This land's condition is robust, which makes it perfect for anyone with a vision to create something beautiful and sustainable. A modern, energy-efficient country resort would not be out of place in this culturally significant location. Ideal for first time investors from overseas looking to create a unique country resort in Tuscany. Don't let this opportunity pass by!

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Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Algarve, Porches, Portugal, awaits an idyllic old-world farmhouse standing on a whopping 1.5 hectares of land. Seeking a new owner with a vision to transform it into a personalized oasis, this land holds immense potential. Acquiring it means the chance to revitalize a traditional farmhouse that echoes tales from a bygone era, or constructing your perfect dream home from scratch. The price tag on this distinctive opportunity is €299,000. Envisage natural tranquility coupled with a countryside essence that encourages you to breathe a little deeper — that’s the charm of Porches. This land is enveloped in an aura of serene quietude, making it the ideal destination for those seeking solace from the hustle-bustle of the urban diaspora. Olive and almond trees punctuate the property, invoking a sense of rural bliss. Real estate opportunities like this make it worth the long-awaited dream to be closer with nature. But don't let the olive groves fool you — the comforts of urban life are all but a short car ride away. The prospect is excellent for anyone looking to experience the subtleties of country living without completely disconnecting from civilization. Living in Porches offers a balanced lifestyle with lush countryside surroundings, paired with added urban conveniences. - Less than 5km from the nearest beach - 5-minute drive to the nearest golf course and shopping center - 2km away from the picturesque village of Porches - Less than 5km from the vibrant coastal town of Armação de Pera Amenities included in the vicinity are: - Easy cycling routes, making peaceful village trips manageable and enjoyable. - Proximity to reputable international schooling institutions. - Access to Faro Airport is a convenient 35-minute drive via the motorway. Property features include: - A traditional farmhouse awaiting renovation. - Lush terrain spread over nearly 1.5 hectares. - An abundant olive and almond tree landscape. - Versatile land that could potentially hold stables for horses. Portugal's glorious southernmost region, Algarve, is widely renowned for its Mediterranean climatic conditions. So if you are contemplating a permanent stay or wanting an annual retreat, the calming sea breezes and delightful sunshine make living here a joy all year round. Winters in Algarve remain mild, making it a heaven for residents fleeing the harshness of colder climates. Moreover, the location truly delivers for those seeking cultural experiences, with the vibrant village of Porches just a stone's throw away. Known for its exquisite pottery and ceramics, a quick trip to this village is like taking a stroll through a living, breathing art gallery. Plus, the popular seaside town of Armação de Pera with its beautiful beaches and happening nightlife is just 5 km away! This unique land harbors an inspiring fixer-upper home for any aspirant desiring to rejuvenate a piece of Portuguese heritage. Undeniably, it requires care and thoughtful remodelling. With the right design and creative touch, the traditional farmhouse could be turned into the dwelling you always envisioned. To sum it up, this is not just about buying a piece of land; it's all about investing in a lifestyle — a lifestyle of tranquility, natural beauty, and cultural richness that is beyond compare. Whether you're an overseas buyer seeking to own a piece of Portugal's heritage or someone looking to create a sanctuary synonymous with peace, this renovating lot in Algarve's Porches beckons you. Manifest your dream into reality in this awe-inspiring and culturally rich piece of Portugal!

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Embrace an opportunity to dive into a quaint and charming corner of Portugal with this well-situated organic farm nestled in the heart of Beira Baixa, Penamacor. With an impressive 8,800 square meters in area, it offers great potential for growth and development, presenting the perfect chance for interested overseas buyers looking for a new venture or a fresh start. There is a rustic, 34 square meter stone building nestled into the property, perfect for those who appreciate simple living and are fond of the charm of old-world architecture. Its roof stands strong and resilient, hinting at the quality of its construction. As well as it is in good condition, there’s ample scope for you to bring your unique taste and style to it. One of the crowning features of this property is its abundance of matured cork oaks, traditional adult olive groves, eucalyptus trees, and vineyards. Besides being remarkable natural beauties, these trees play a key role in defining the character of Portugal, creating a truly immersive cultural experience. The fertile land that lies within the borders of this property is perfectly suited for cultivation. Whether an avid farmer or a beginner, you will delight in the vibrant growth and abundant produce these soils can yield. Amenities: - The property is entirely fenced, providing an element of privacy and security - Electricity is easily accessible from the nearby infrastructure - Mains water is available for connection The location of this property is one to be envied. It takes pride in its splendid isolation, yet it's only a kilometer away from the closest village. This affords its residents a wonderful merger of privacy and accessibility. Plus, it's a mere 8 km from Penamacor, a lively town known for its rich history and vibrant community. Living in Beira Baixa, Penamacor, places you within a community that thrives on a balanced way of life. Its climate swings between mild winters and relatively hot summers. The area is rich in natural landscapes, offering opportunities for trekking, bird watching, and vineyard visiting. Its culinary delights are another great advantage – this region is blessed with an array of traditional Portuguese cuisine. This property truly is a fantastic opportunity for those who crave a balance of tranquillity and liveliness that the Beira Baixa region offers: Features: - Organic Farm of 8.800 m2 - Stone building with a good roof, of 34m2 - Matured cork oaks, traditional olive groves, eucalyptus trees and vineyards - Fertile land for cultivation - Great views and good access - Only 1km away from nearest village - 8 km away from Penamacor town All in all, this lot holds the potential for its new owners to immerse themselves in a Portuguese way of living. If you have always dreamt about having your little slice of paradise in Europe, this might just be the opportunity you've been waiting for, with a reasonable price tag of €39,900.

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