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Delightful for an overseas buyer, you will find a timeless charm in this detached house nestled in the heart of Hevossalmi, Helsinki, in the southern region of Finland. With a landscape that is beyond words, Hevossalmi presents a fascinating yet untouched beauty, up-close and personal with its seaside lifestyle. The atmospherically immersive funk-style house showcases a palette that immediately captures attention, complemented by the enchanting personality that infuses every feature of this 287-square meter property. Spanning three expansive floors, the house represents not only an attractive investment opportunity but also an appealing lifestyle of being one with nature. The house incorporates three commodious bedrooms and three well-formed bathrooms, thereby providing ample space for comfortable living. The design aesthetically utilizes volume to emphasize a sense of luxurious expansiveness. With the main building housing a two-car garage, logistical conveniences are directly addressed. The property also includes a villa carefully positioned within the vast courtyard, presenting a perfect setting for guest accommodation or a serene reading spot. The structure caters for additional space needs, making it an ideal addition to the property. Exclusive amenities include: • Three spacious bedrooms • Three beautifully designed bathrooms • An integrated two-car garage • Additional villa within the courtyard Dominant property features include: • A spectacularly large master suite • Comfortably large living spaces • Unparalleled views of nature The integrated living concept extends effortlessly to the outdoors, accentuated by having your own private beach and water area. The tranquillity and idyllic ambiance these features offer are further enhanced by a sauna by the sea, inviting relaxation in its true meaning. Irrespective of the season, a gently lapping waterfront and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore would be your daily hymn. Situated in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki experiences a beautiful temperate continental climate. The city is renowned for its snowy winters, offering breathtakingly picturesque views. The short, warm summers bring a refreshing change to the snowy landscape, transforming the city into a green paradise with extended daylight hours, popularly known as "white nights." The property, listed at €3,400,000, makes a perfect home for a larger family or serves potential representation needs. The opportunity to own this unique and elegantly proportioned house, which strikes a harmonious balance between elegant design, premium comfort and incredible proximity to nature, is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Life in Helsinki will immerse you in the hospitality of the locals, delicious Nordic cuisine, and unending opportunities for outdoor activities. As a societal hub of Finland, the city offers a vibrant mix of events and things to do which will surely increase your appreciation for the area. From exploring the stunning archipelago, spending a leisurely day by the water, or indulging in the free-spirited and trendy district of Kallio, Helsinki offers a vast array of experiences to any potential homeowner. To express interest or to arrange a visit to the property, please don't hesitate to get in touch. This may just be your perfect chance to own a distinctive property that eloquently combines elegance, spaciousness and an incredible closeness to nature. Live boldly. Live in Helsinki.

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