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Welcome to an elegant, well-tended 3-bedroom apartment nestled in the charming town of Beira Baixa, Penamacor, Portugal. This is an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Portuguese culture while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of modern residential living. This attractive two-story apartment, constructed in high-quality granite stone, emanates a timeless visual appeal that seamlessly blends with its bucolic surroundings. It holds an impressive 70 square meters of living space, laid out carefully with a practical and inviting floor plan. On the ground floor, you'll find the heart of the residence – a sizable, well-equipped kitchen, complete with a rustic fireplace offering a unique old-world charm. There's a bedroom, a bathroom, and a utility room on the same floor, providing optimum convenience. It even features a door leading to the serene, enclosed backyard, papered with a fine layer of nature. Step upstairs to vast, airy bedrooms. You'll find ample closet storage space in one of the bedrooms, while the other is designed to provide maximum relaxation. There's also an additional bathroom on this floor for added convenience. One of the many highlights of this property is the beautiful patio. About 70 square meters in area, it boasts a lovely collection of fruit-bearing trees, a perfect place for warm, sunny afternoons or cool, crisp evenings. Here are the notable features of the property as a quick glance: - Granite structure - Two-story layout - Large, fully-equipped kitchen with a fireplace - Three spacious bedrooms (one downstairs, two up) - Two bathrooms - Utility room - Serene backyard - Approx. 70sqm patio with ample greenery Amenities: - Plenty of parking on the street - Easy access to shops, and points of cultural interest - Proximity to clean, refreshing river beaches - Within comfortable distance from Penamacor town and Castelo Branco city Living in Penamacor is like taking a gentle walk through a picture postcard. Bordered by quaint houses, cobbled streets and cultivated fields under the wide, blue sky, the town sways to a rhythm of its own. With some points of historical and cultural interests around, get ready to be immersed in a quiet and easy-paced lifestyle. During summers, people in Penamacor enjoy hot, clear days under brilliant blue skies, and like to visit river beaches nearby. Come winter, the weather embraces a more mild, yet occasionally sharp, cold — typical of a Mediterranean type climate. The public in Penamacor enjoy a sense of community, especially patronizing the local shops and artisans. Immerse in the local culture through the traditional Portuguese festivals that are facilitated with great zest and enthusiasm. Being in an apartment offers its unique set of benefits. A cozy, self-contained residential unit offering a great deal of privacy and security. Besides, there's always a friendly neighbor around, giving you a welcoming sense of community living. In conclusion, this well-preserved 3-bedroom apartment, with its tasteful blend of the traditional and the modern, a homely ambience, and a peaceful surrounding, is a perfect pick for overseas buyers looking to experience the authentic Portuguese lifestyle. Note: Although in good condition, the present owner has priced it at a reasonable €79,900, offering it as a worthy fixer-upper to the potential investors.

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Introducing a charming, two-bedroom fixer-upper located in Ferreira do Zêzere, Ribatejo, Portugal, nestled in the serene village of Almogadel. This presents an exciting opportunity for overseas buyers looking to embark on a restoration journey and bring a new lease of life to a traditional Portuguese home. This is a truly unique property, as it comprises of not one, but two distinct houses, each with distinct features of a traditional Portuguese home: tiled roofs, charming rustic interiors, and affording the potential for revamping them with your personal touch. The principal house, spread across 112 square meters, comprises of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. A significant additional feature is the pantry that leads to the attic space. With some creativity, this can be transformed into an extra living or sleeping area. At a stone's throw from the main house is the cozy auxiliary house. It comes equipped with a kitchen complete with a traditional fireplace, two rooms, and an interior bedroom which can be versatilely used as per individual needs. The property sits on a generous 4200 square meter plot, flourishing with olive trees, walnut trees, and other fruit trees. A well-established well offers a regular water supply. Key features: - Two distinct houses - Combined four bedrooms - Traditional Portuguese style architecture - Potential for refurbishment - Large plot with fruit trees - Convenient well for water supply Local amenities: - Village cafe - Mini-market Living in Almogadel, you are just 15-minutes away from Tomar, a lively market town with an array of commodities. Local amenities include a diverse range of supermarkets, eateries, historic monuments, parks, sports centres, healthcare facilities, and transport links. Tomar is also known for its UNESCO listed Convento do Cristo, a remarkable 12th-century monument built by the Knights Templar. Additionally, the quaint town of Ferreira do Zêzere is a short 20-minute drive from the property. It appeals with its supermarkets, restaurants, school, sports centre and bus station. As for climate, the region enjoys a typical Portuguese weather profile, with warm, dry summers and mild winters. Journey to the capital, Lisbon, will take you roughly one and a half hour by car. Lisbon airport provides easy access to a variety of European countries, with numerous low-cost airlines serving regular flights. Living here means you get a taste of the idyllic Portuguese countryside life - calm & leisurely yet close to bustling town-life amenities for modern living. It's an opportunity to have the best of both worlds! With the structures needing a bit of renovation, this property is a perfect fit for those who relish the idea of a renovation project. Whether for a quaint vacation home or for settling, this diamond in the rough is waiting for the right owner to polish it into a gem. With its asking price of €85,000, this property offers an incomparable opportunity to own a part of the breathtaking Portuguese countryside. Its location, potential for customization and the blissful serenity it offers combine to make this property a tempting proposition for any overseas buyer looking to invest in Portugal's real estate market.

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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Serra da Gardunha in Beira Baixa, Fundão, Portugal sits a stunning 3-bedroom stone property that offers abundant scope and potential for customization and personalization. This real estate gem is a canvas ready for the vision of a discerning buyer who understands the value of a fixer-upper. It is worth adding here that the charm of the property is largely unbeatable due to its tranquillity and calmness which is a refreshing escape from the chaotic city life. Sprawled over an area of 18.000 m2, this property boasts of stunning views that encapsulate the essence of Fundão's serene countryside. Against the backdrop of the spectacular Serra da Gardunha, the property has plenty of scope for creating a beautiful outdoor living space, taking advantage of the panoramic vistas. The main dwelling is all character and personality with approximately 115 m2 of space, featuring traditional stone construction and a new roof. The interiors accommodate a smoke kitchen, another kitchen with a cozy fireplace, small bedrooms exuding an old-world charm, a living room complete with traditional accents, suiting an eclectic style of living. Furthermore, it boasts a storage room offering an additional 25m2 space which can be tailored according to the buyer's vision. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature any bathrooms, so new owners will need to take care of adding them. Amenities include: - A Garage - A Bore for drinking water - A well with a spring Fundão is an idyllic Portuguese town known for its warm, sunny climate, particularly during the summer months. It offers a unique cultural experience with traditional music festivals and exhibitions. Living in this town also means having easy access to the beautiful natural parks, historical monuments and local markets selling fresh local food and plants. Being just a short 1km drive from the closest village, this property offers a delicate balance of privacy and community. The local area abounds in several fruit trees and olive trees, making the soil fertile and well nourished, promising a fruitful home garden for gardening enthusiasts. Living in this house offers a complete immersion in the beauty of nature, an opportunity to live a self-sustained and harmonious lifestyle. For those seeking more urban conveniences, the property features excellent transport connections with a train station located approximately 10km away, offering direct train services to the Lisbon airport. Moreover, the vibrant Fundão town is merely a 15km drive offering a range of retail facilities, restaurants and cultural hotspots. If you wish to explore further, the historical city of Castelo Branco is just a 30km drive away adding another layer of convenience. Property Features: - A fixer-upper ready for renovating - 2 small bedrooms - 1 living room - Kitchens with a fireplace - Stone construction with a new roof - 18.000m2 land area To summarize, this fixer-upper presents a golden opportunity for overseas buyers eyeing a quiet and serene setting wrapped in the charm of the Portuguese countryside. At a price of €59,900, this property is an invitation to enjoy the rich local culture, enjoy the sun-soaked climate and embrace the tranquility that comes with countryside living in an authentic Portuguese homestead.

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Embrace an opportunity to dive into a quaint and charming corner of Portugal with this well-situated organic farm nestled in the heart of Beira Baixa, Penamacor. With an impressive 8,800 square meters in area, it offers great potential for growth and development, presenting the perfect chance for interested overseas buyers looking for a new venture or a fresh start. There is a rustic, 34 square meter stone building nestled into the property, perfect for those who appreciate simple living and are fond of the charm of old-world architecture. Its roof stands strong and resilient, hinting at the quality of its construction. As well as it is in good condition, there’s ample scope for you to bring your unique taste and style to it. One of the crowning features of this property is its abundance of matured cork oaks, traditional adult olive groves, eucalyptus trees, and vineyards. Besides being remarkable natural beauties, these trees play a key role in defining the character of Portugal, creating a truly immersive cultural experience. The fertile land that lies within the borders of this property is perfectly suited for cultivation. Whether an avid farmer or a beginner, you will delight in the vibrant growth and abundant produce these soils can yield. Amenities: - The property is entirely fenced, providing an element of privacy and security - Electricity is easily accessible from the nearby infrastructure - Mains water is available for connection The location of this property is one to be envied. It takes pride in its splendid isolation, yet it's only a kilometer away from the closest village. This affords its residents a wonderful merger of privacy and accessibility. Plus, it's a mere 8 km from Penamacor, a lively town known for its rich history and vibrant community. Living in Beira Baixa, Penamacor, places you within a community that thrives on a balanced way of life. Its climate swings between mild winters and relatively hot summers. The area is rich in natural landscapes, offering opportunities for trekking, bird watching, and vineyard visiting. Its culinary delights are another great advantage – this region is blessed with an array of traditional Portuguese cuisine. This property truly is a fantastic opportunity for those who crave a balance of tranquillity and liveliness that the Beira Baixa region offers: Features: - Organic Farm of 8.800 m2 - Stone building with a good roof, of 34m2 - Matured cork oaks, traditional olive groves, eucalyptus trees and vineyards - Fertile land for cultivation - Great views and good access - Only 1km away from nearest village - 8 km away from Penamacor town All in all, this lot holds the potential for its new owners to immerse themselves in a Portuguese way of living. If you have always dreamt about having your little slice of paradise in Europe, this might just be the opportunity you've been waiting for, with a reasonable price tag of €39,900.

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