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This beautiful 8-bedroom country home in Gulbene, Stameriena, Latvia is a unique blend of history, nature, and serenity. This terraced house, originally the grand Vonadzi II manor, promises a spacious residence teeming with character and potential. The home sits on the edge of a magnificent ravine along the picturesque Ludzupite river, offering breathtaking views right outside your window. Stameriena, affectionately known as 'Little Switzerland' is a gem tucked away within the Gulbene region of Latvia. The neighborhood is replete with stunning natural vistas, complete with charming lakes and an abundance of welcoming outdoor spaces where you can soak in the beauty that surrounds you. The property itself is monumental in size, measuring a grand total of 632 square meters. Housed within this generous expanse are 8 spectacular bedrooms and 8 well-equipped bathrooms. The house, while in good condition, leaves plenty of room for a keen eye to turn things around. If you're a lover of historic, rustic charm with an appetite for personalizing your living spaces, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Property features include: - 8 beautifully crafted spacious bedrooms - 8 well-equipped bathrooms - A vast total area of 632 square meters - Spectacular river and ravine views Property amenities include: - Scenic walking paths - Proximity to Lake Stameriena Just a brief stroll from your doorstep is Lake Stameriena – a popular local treasure known for its great swimming area. A ten-minute jaunt will satisfy any longing for crystal-clear waters and peaceful solitude. Living in Stameriena is akin to residing in a real-life fairytale. The region is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes synonymous with the postcard-worthy scenes of Switzerland. Becoming a part of this intimate community allows you to enjoy a plethora of sights including the beautiful St. Neva Alexander Orthodox Church, the lovingly restored Stameriena Castle, and the irreplaceable experience of riding on a narrow-gauge train that has traversed between Gulbene to Aluksne for an impressive 118 years. Latvia, known for its mild, temperate seasons, offers a delightful mix of chilly winters and warm, breezy summers. This makes Stameriena an ideal location for those who enjoy a variety of climates, whether you relish the opportunity to curl up by a warm fire in the winter, or enjoy languishing by the lake under the golden summer sun. For lovers of country homes, this Latvian gem encapsulates the perfect combination of tranquility and adventure. It offers you not just a house, but a vibrant lifestyle in tune with nature and history. With each season, you'll find new aspects to love – from green springs that call you towards the lake, to delightfully crisp autumn days perfect for leisurely walks through your captivating new neighborhood. This property, listed at just €55,000, is an open door to becoming part of a community entrenched in nature and rich in history. If you're looking for an overseas investment or a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this country home is a splendid opportunity you shouldn't overlook. Invest in this historic manor and let your journey of personalizing it to your own unique taste unfold. Your dream country home in beautiful Latvia awaits.

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