Historic Manor with Pool in Cadaval

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Lisbon, Cadaval, Portugal, Cadaval (Portugal)

8 Bedrooms · 10 Bathrooms · 280Floor area




8 Bedrooms

10 Bathrooms




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Indulge yourself in the epitome of idyllic European country luxury with this lovely eight-bedroom farmhouse nestled in the peaceful city of Cadaval, Portugal. Be greeted with breathtaking views of the serene Serra de Montejunto as you overlook 15 hectares of lush agricultural land. The grandeur of this charming home is a resultant of the meticulous restoration undertaken in 2019, reverberating the beauty of its history, and ensuring the living experience of today merges with the charm of the past.

In the embrace of this traditional Portuguese farmhouse, ground level of the home is where life happens. Here, you'll find warm, welcoming spaces including a living room, dining area, a cosy TV room, and a sophisticated kitchen. The kitchen is punctuated with period features, encompassing modern day appliances, rendering a unique fusion of rustic charm and contemporary convenience.

Existing in the quaint narrative of the 16th Century, this level also accommodates an old chapel, a fully-equipped utility room, quaint scullery, and a staff area. Stone flooring on this level offers a natural, old-world appeal, adding to the rustic charm of the property.

Upstairs, the home continues to reveal its secrets. There are eight bedrooms in total, of which seven are luxurious suites. The main suite is a marvel on its own, it comes with a walk-in wardrobe, a dining area, and a gym. The entire upper level is complemented by wooden floorboards and beautiful wooden ceilings, maintaining the rustic charm throughout the property.

The outdoor area of the property is just as splendid and includes beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, and a terrace - making it a perfect haven for relaxation and entertainment. The added beauty of a garage with approximately 10 parking spaces caters to modern living standards.

Designed with autonomy and privacy in mind, the property also features separate accommodations including a one-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment. These apartments are fully equipped, lending themselves to future potential for tourism or to house extended family.

Property features include:
- Renovated Structure
- Stone flooring on Ground Level
- Wooden Flooring on Upper-Level
- Fireplaces
- 10 Car Garage
- Fully-equipped Kitchen

Living in Cadaval, Portugal promises a certain picturesque charm that is both inviting and endearing. Known for being home to an array of vineyards, Cadaval is paradise for wine connoisseurs. Bask in over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, and experience a mere 60km commute to the vibrant capital, Lisbon.

Cadaval is a region profoundly influenced by its venerable history, which is reflected in the architectural elegance and cultural richness of the region. Portugal stands as a beacon of stability, with the distinction of being the 3rd safest country in the world.

For lovers of simplicity and rural charm, this farmhouse is virtually an unmatched treasure. Offering a solace from bustling city life, the property stands as a testament to the tranquil and tireless allure of rural Portuguese life.

Whether one is seeking a peaceful haven, a retreat from the world's chaos, or a unique investment opportunity, this farmhouse in Cadaval offers an extraordinary combination of elegance, history, and the timeless charm of Portuguese country living.


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