Charming Quinta Retreat with Panoramic Views

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Leiria, Almoster, Portugal, Almoster (Portugal)

7 Bedrooms · 5 Bathrooms · 275Floor area




7 Bedrooms

5 Bathrooms




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Nestled in the tranquil town of Almoster in the district of Leiria, Portugal, this captivating property offers a unique living experience that perfectly blends traditional charm with potential income possibilities. Set amidst the serene landscapes of central Portugal, this property isn't just a building; it’s a retreat that promises a calmer, nature-connected lifestyle.

The estate comprises three distinct dwellings, each offering its own unique flavor yet completing a harmonious set. The main house, a testament to spacious and luminous interiors, features traditional Portuguese architectural elements, which enhance the character of the home. Large windows throughout ensure that each room is soaked in natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere that extends to the sprawling terrace. Here, one can enjoy awe-inspiring views of rolling hills and lush valleys, making it an ideal spot for both lively social gatherings and peaceful solitude.

Adjacent to the main residence is a secondary dwelling that maintains a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance. Modern amenities combined with homely decor make this space perfect for extended family or guests, providing comfort and privacy with its own kitchen and living areas.

Additionally, a charmingly quaint cottage serves as the third dwelling on the property. This tiny, studio-style cottage offers an intimate living space perfect for accommodating relatives or visitors, contributing to the property’s potential as an income-generating venture.

Surrounding these homes are extensive grounds, meticulously terraced and adorned with indigenous stone, flourishing olive groves, and a variety of fruit and nut trees. Whether it's finding a shaded spot for relaxation, enjoying the sunny patios, or taking a leisurely stroll through the nature-rich estate, there's always an inviting outdoor space to enjoy.

For those looking to embrace a self-sustaining lifestyle, the property includes fenced areas for livestock and ample space for agricultural ventures. The existence of a crystal-clear swimming pool adds a luxurious touch where family and friends can create lasting memories.

This property currently thrives as both an Airbnb destination and a glamping site, featuring two large, exquisitely furnished safari tents that offer an unparalleled outdoor experience without forgoing the comforts of home. These facilities have significantly contributed to its success as a lucrative business endeavor, and the purchase includes these installations, ensuring a smooth transition for those interested in continuing its operational income-generating potential.

The local area of Almoster, known for its rich history and close-knit community, is steeped in the traditional Portuguese way of life. New residents can enjoy the calm yet vibrant local culture, frequent the surrounding historic villages, explore local vineyards, or indulge in the region’s famous cuisine.

Living in Central Portugal also means experiencing its Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, which is perfect for those from colder or overly humid climates looking for a change.

In terms of amenities, the property is well-equipped with:
- 5 Bathrooms
- 7 Bedrooms
- Spacious kitchen and dining areas
- Private terraces for each dwelling
- Mature gardens with native trees
- Olive groves and a variety of fruit-bearing trees
- Fenced areas for livestock
- A large swimming pool
- Fully furnished safari tents for glamping

With its substantial size of 275 square meters and a competitive pricing of 425,000 euros, this property stands as an exceptional choice for those looking to invest in an overseas home that offers both a serene lifestyle and potential business opportunities.

In summary, this estate in Almoster, Portugal, represents not just a home, but a life investment. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful existence intertwined with nature, with the added allure of hosting and entrepreneurship. Embrace the chance to own your piece of Portuguese paradise, where life slows down, and each day brings a breath of fresh air and tranquility.


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