Charming 6-Bedroom Stone House to Restore in Belves, Aquitaine – Endless Potential on 4 Hectares

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Belves, Aquitaine, 24170, France, Pays de Belvès (France)

6 Bedrooms · 1 Bathrooms · 173Floor area




6 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms



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Property Overview

Nestled in the charming commune of Belves in the picturesque region of Aquitaine, France, this historical 6-bedroom stone house presents a remarkable opportunity for those passionate about restoring a property with profound heritage. Constructed in 1650, the house boasts a substantial living space of 173 square meters, standing on vast grounds totaling almost 4 hectares which include various rustic outbuildings and a historic tenant's house.

The property, while rich with the potential for a personalized restoration that respects its original glory, is currently in a state that requires significant refurbishment. This creates an excellent project for anyone looking to embark on a renovation adventure, offering the freedom to infuse contemporary comforts while preserving the charm and character of its era.

Features of the House

- Stone-built house dating back to 1650
- Total interior living space of 173 square meters
- Six bedrooms, including a practically located first-floor bedroom
- Single bathroom
- Former tenant's house and additional outbuildings such as barns, a hangar, and an ancient bread oven
- Expansive grounds of nearly 4 hectares featuring a rainwater reservoir
- Historic elements ideal for a faithful restoration

Local Area and Lifestyle

Belves, often referred to as one of France’s most beautiful villages, is a mere 7 km from local shops, providing a serene yet convenient rural living experience. The area is steeped in history, with medieval buildings, deep caves, and scenic rolling hills that tell tales of the past. The local climate boasts warm summers and mild winters, allowing year-round enjoyment of the outdoors.

The community in Belves and its surroundings promotes a relaxed lifestyle with an emphasis on enjoying the natural environment and cultural immersion. For families considering this location, the area is not only safe but also rich with educational opportunities within a close-knit community. Local markets, traditional French gastronomy, and numerous festivals offer a deep dive into the authentic French country way of life.

Things to Do

Living in Belves offers an array of activities suitable for all ages:
- Explore the historical sites including the medieval Chateau de Belvès and the troglodyte dwellings.
- Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and canoeing in the picturesque Dordogne River Valley.
- Visit local vineyards and partake in wine tasting sessions, experiencing the rich flavors of the region.
- Engage with the community at local markets where fresh, locally-sourced produce and artisan goods are available.

Renovation Process

Embracing the renovation of this property means becoming a steward of French historical preservation. The process will involve careful planning and potentially working with local heritage organizations to maintain structural and aesthetic authenticity. Engaging local craftspeople and sourcing traditional materials will be essential to achieve a restoration that honors the house's history yet makes it comfortable for modern living.

Buyers interested in undertaking this rewarding project will find that not only does it offer an opportunity to create a tailored family home or a splendid holiday retreat but also potentially increases the value of their investment in the picturesque heart of Aquitaine.


This house in Belves is perfect for those who cherish history, appreciate the beauty of rural France, and are not daunted by the prospect of revitalizing a property that can become a true testament to French architectural reverence and a homely haven in the lush landscapes of Aquitaine. Whether you are settling with your family or seeking a unique seasonal retreat, this property offers a canvas to paint your dreams in the tranquil, yet vibrant setting of the French countryside.


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