Charming 4 Bed Terraced House - Rucava, Latvia

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Liepaja Region, Rucava, Latvia, Rucava (Latvia)

4 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms · 130Floor area




4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms



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Welcome to the beautiful picture-postcard city of Rucava, in the Liepaja region of Latvia. This description hopes to paint a detailed picture of an idyllic property for sale - a 4 bedroom terraced house, seated amidst the picturesque landscape of a charming European town. The luxurious residential property boasts a significant land area of 1.91 hectares. Given the size of the property, this unique real-estate opportunity is ripe for overseas buyers looking to invest in potential vacation rentals or for simply soaking in the enchanting Latvian living experience.

The property consists of three separate cottages: two of which are currently being utilized as vacation rentals. The house itself is divided into 4 separate apartments, well-suited to cater to a total of 16 people, making this house an incredible investment opportunity for people operating vacation rentals or bed-and-breakfast facilities. The sizes of the apartments are approximately 35 sq/m, 35 sq/m, 35 sq/m, and a slightly smaller 25 sq/m apartment with its own terrace. Interestingly, each of these apartments comes with a fully equipped kitchen, shower, and bathroom, making them self-sufficient units.

According to existing planning permissions, there's abundant room to build yet another residential apartment unit within the property's land boundaries. This provides a flexibility for future architectural plans, potentially enhancing the property's overall value.

- Fully equipped kitchens
- Bathrooms with showers
- A scenic terrace
- Potential for a new building within the property
- Four separate apartments

Property Features:
- Four bedrooms
- Four bathrooms
- A total of 130 sq/m and spread across three cottages
- A large land area of 1.91 hectares

Living a stone's throw away from the Baltic Sea is a dream come true for many, and this property sits at a convenient distance of just 450 meters from the shimmering water bodies. From the property, there's a canal that connects directly to the nearby Lake Pape - a known hotspot for bird watching and fishing.

Locating this property is no hassle at all - it is at a comfortable distance of 26 km to Palanga, 49 km to Klaipeda, and a mere 41 km to Liepaja International Airport. These accessible routes and distances provide an excellent case for national and international commuting.

The Rucava region is by no means short on local amenities. From quaint Latvian eateries serving mouth-watering local delicacies to art and culture steeped in deep-rooted European traditions, Rucava offers the best of both worlds. Living in this area imparts a sense of calmness and tranquility, where one could almost forget about the rush of city life.

The climate in the Liepaja region is predominantly maritime with cool summers and mild winters, typifying a cool temperate climate with average temperatures in summer ranging from 15-22 degrees Celsius and winters around -2 to -8 degrees Celsius. Residents can look forward to experiencing all four distinct seasons that Latvia has to offer.

Living in a house in Rucava gives the unique opportunity to intertwine with Latvian culture, traditions and everyday life. This is a region where one can savour experiences like listening to folk songs, participating in traditional crafts, and enjoying annual festivals and events.

For the listing price of 288,000, this spacious and versatile 4-bedroom terraced house in the heart of the Liepaja region in Rucava, Latvia offers prospective overseas buyers an incomparable opportunity. This property does not merely provide comfortable living quarters, rather it offers a unique lifestyle woven together with elements of culture, tradition, and beautiful maritime climate.


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