3 Charming Houses with Pools

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Aquitaine, Dordogne, Bouzic, France, Bouzic (France)

11 Bedrooms · 6 Bathrooms · 395Floor area




11 Bedrooms

6 Bathrooms




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Located in the stunning and picturesque Southwestern France, surrounded by the harmonious coupling of cultural history and natural beauty of the Dordogne department, lies this beautiful gem; a remarkable ensemble of two restored stone houses situated next to each other and a third a mere lane away - all close to the rustic charm of Bouzic. This welcoming ensemble, embedded in an amicable hamlet, primarily offers an intriguing opportunity for overseas buyers to savor the quintessence of French living.

Each of the three houses carries its unique charm and individual personality. The main house, recently restored, exudes comfort across its five bedrooms and three reception rooms. Steeped in a timeless rustic allure complemented by features of modern comfort, it offers variably terraced areas and an attached courtyard garden - A picturesque outdoor space to entertain and relax.

Next is the second house, charming and habitable, a canvas awaiting some modernization to fulfill its true potential. It has four welcoming bedrooms and a reception room that leads to a soothing terrace with a remarkable view overlooking the swimming pool. A peaceful and secluded haven, that lets you immerse yourself in the serenity of its rural, wooded landscape.

The third house, slightly distanced from the first two, also offers the potential of becoming a private oasis with ample space for a second pool. Already fully renovated and boasting three bedrooms, this house is a haven of tranquility and solitude.

Apart from the aura of peaceful country living, another advantage Bouzic carries is its proximity to bustling local communities. It's a short distance to the historical village of Daglan, offering the warm textures of basic commerce. Within a 10-minute drive is the bustling town of Cenac-et-St Julien. Plus, the convenience of reaching two larger towns - Gourdon in Lot, and the discerningly impressive Sarlat-la-Caneda in Dordogne, within 20 minutes caters to more sophisticated needs.

For those considering the value proposal strictly, there is an option to only purchase two houses, in case acquiring all three stretches your financial expectations.

The Dordogne department's climate is blissfully temperate. The region experiences mild winters and warm, sunny summers with an occasional and refreshingly light drizzle. It is the perfect backdrop to fully enjoy each season's unique splendor.

Living in Bouzic, embedded in the heart of Aquitaine, is living amidst spacious expanses of undulating, lush scenery. It is walking on historic cobblestone paths, experiencing the rich culinary culture, spending languid afternoons on sun-kissed vineyards, and taking leisurely hikes through embracing verdant fields. Its people, well-known for their warmth and cordiality, will soon make you feel like a part of the community.

In terms of the vibrant local culture, music festivals, Sunday markets selling local produce and crafts, and the gastronomy with unique specialties give you a deeper sense of what it's like to live here. From foie gras to truffles, wine to cheese, you’ll have much to explore and relish.

In short, this ensemble of three houses in Bouzic offers more than a property – it offers the chance of a life steeped in the rich tapestry of French culture and community. Whether you choose one, two, or all three houses, you will not only be acquiring a home but a part of the soul of Aquitaine, Dordogne.

- 11 Bedrooms
- 6 Bathrooms
- 395 square metres of total living space
- Several Terraces
- Courtyard Garden
- Swimming Pool
- Space for a second Pool

- Traditional Stone-built Houses
- Different Stages of Restoration and Renovation
- A Nice Balance of Privacy and Neighbourhood Charm
- Rural and Tranquil Settings
- Majestic Views from the Terraces
- Proximity to Local Villages and Towns
- Potential to Personalize and Add Value.

Price: €595,000.

Embrace this opportunity to make a piece of Southwestern France truly your own, while immersing in the simplicity and splendor of rural French life. This ensemble promises a rewarding journey of the heart and spirit as much as it does a smart investment.


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