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Lapland, Kittilä, Finland, Kittilä (Finland)

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2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms



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Presenting a delightful 2-bedroom semi-detached house situated in the picturesque province of Lapland, located within Kittilä, Finland. This property is an idyllic 1/6th fraction of an inviting semi-detached dwelling that sits conveniently close to the prominent Levi World Cup slope and the extraordinary gondola lift. This well-positioned house offers a worry-free ownership ideal for a leisure home and can be utilized for around 8-9 weeks a year for vacation or as a serene remote-working environment.

Proudly featuring two generously-sized bedrooms, this house also includes an adaptable loft area that can comfortably accommodate up to six individuals. The living and dining spaces are spacious and inviting, providing a well-lit and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a content-filled day in the great outdoors. Furthermore, the property is a mere tranquil stroll away from the ski slopes, embodying an enticing proposition for those with a penchant for winter sports.

In terms of scheduled management weeks for the year 2023, the house is available during the 35th, 41st, and 47th weeks.

Listed under a remarkably affordable price tag of 45,500, this house covers a total area of 91 sqm and comes with well-kept two bathrooms, offering ample space and comfort for its owners.

Property Features:
- Two spacious bedrooms
- Loft sleeping area
- Comfortable living and dining spaces
- Close proximity to the Levi World Cup slope and gondola lift
- Fractional ownership, ideal for vacation or remote working needs

Amenities include:
- Two clean and well-maintained bathrooms
- Well-spaced living and dining areas
- Walking distance to ski slopes

Living in the town of Kittilä, one experiences Finland's untouched natural beauty in its purest form. Nestled in northern Lapland, Kittilä is home to the popular Levi ski resort, offering thrill-seekers over 43 slopes and more than 300 km of skiing trails. Locals also delight in the annual Reindeer Carnival and enjoy access to world-class services, from shopping centres to cultural sites and gastronomic delights.

The climate in Kittilä is predominantly cold, with long, frosty winters that transform the town into a true winter wonderland. Summer months offer mild temperatures, pleasant for exploring the lush forests or the stunning Ounasjoki River that flows nearby.

Living in a house offers a profound sense of ownership, liberty, and independence. There is nothing as fulfilling as making your personal touch throughout the property, including the outdoor spaces. It also provides a sense of stability and a greater degree of privacy. Moreover, the house's condition is quite good, allowing you to enjoy the merits of homeownership without the worries of impending renovations or substantial maintenance. Your investment is not just in property, but in the serene and appealing lifestyle that comes along with living in Kittilä, Lapland.

Living in Finland's Lapland offers the best of both worlds - the peace and tranquillity of a winter wonderland, coupled with an active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether it's skiing on Levi's famed slopes in winter, or hiking along the riverbanks in summer, this house in Kittilä presents an enticing opportunity for overseas buyers to own a little piece of Lapland's magic.


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting and timeless Lapland landscape with this quaint 2-bedroom villa located in Kittilä, Finland. Designed with an authentic log cabin aesthetic, this villa coalesces the charm of Nordic architecture with touches of modernity to provide a residence that is truly unique. Set against the backdrop of the Lapland wilderness, this villa encapsulates the very spirit of Finland with its surroundings of pristine snowscapes in winter and endless daylight in summer. Revel in the abundant outdoor space presenting a terrific opportunity for year-round fun, from snowmobile adventures in the winter to nature walks in the summer, aided by the nearby Levijärvi lake area. With living spaces spanning 106 square meters, utility is at the forefront of its layout. Its capacious interior offers an airy open-plan space featuring a cozy living room, a functional kitchen, and an intimate dining area — all melding together to create an ambiance of warmth and homeliness. Large windows surrounding the living spaces serve to invite the outdoor splendor right into your home. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Finnish forestry from the comfort of indoors, with vistas that change with the seasons. Keeping functionality as the priority, this villa features: - Two spacious bedrooms - A large loft level which can serve as an additional bedroom or a recreational area - Two well-appointed bathrooms - A serene terrace with splendid views of the wilderness More than just a home, living at this villa is representative of a lifestyle. It is a retreat, a haven away from the hustle and bustle — an opportunity to live close to nature without sacrificing modern comforts. One of the salient features of this property is its 12m2 outbuilding located in the yard. A versatile space that can be utilized as a workshop, for storage, or as a dedicated area for your snowmobile. The property is in good condition, needing no immediate refurbishments in order to live comfortably. A low-maintenance choice for the discerning buyer. The charm of Kittilä extends well beyond the property boundaries — it's an area rich with culture and natural beauty. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity enveloped in the local landscape. Living in Kittilä offers: - Proximity to Levi Ski Resort, a popular winter sports destination - Access to extensive nature trails for hiking and cross-country skiing - Exceptional fishing and hunting opportunities paced by seasonal changes - Experiences like berry and mushroom picking in autumn To make this rustic retreat your new home, the asking price is 368,000. The experience of living in a log villa in Kittilä, Lapland is truly exceptional. The beautifully textured log interiors are incredibly inviting and radiate a soothing warmth; it's like living inside an art piece. Within these walls, you’ll find tranquillity, serenity and an incomparable connection to the outdoors that's restorative and rewarding. As seasons change, living in a villa in Kittilä not only forges a unique bond with nature but also provides a unique, inspiring living experience not found in traditional houses. Whether it is the draw of Lapland's natural beauty, the desire for a modest yet comfortable living, or the appeal of a lifestyle closer to nature; this 2-bedroom villa can meet your needs and more. So why wait? Step into this arctic paradise and let your Finnish tale unfold.

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Welcome to your dream home nestled in the heart of the enchanting Lapland, located in Kittilä, Finland. An extensively renovated villa, full of character and charm, it emanates a sense of rustic tranquility, while boasting all modern amenities for a comfortable living. This home is just waiting to provide residents with a unique Nordic lifestyle. The property is a sprawling 121 square meters complete with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Brimful of potential as it can accommodate a large group effortlessly, this villa is an ideal choice for a growing family or someone who enjoys hosting guests. The bedrooms and bathrooms have been maintained in good condition, spurring an atmosphere of warmth and homeliness. The villa's robust log construction emanates an earthy aura invoking images of traditional Scandinavian architecture. Complimenting this rustic charm is the spacious kitchen-living room combo, the heart of the home. With an abundance of natural light streaming in from the windows lined east and southwest, the space remains bright and airy throughout the day. The open plan area fosters an environment of togetherness, making it perfect for shared family meals, casual get-togethers or relaxed evenings. To keep your cars safe from the elements, there's a built-in carport that has room for two cars. Additionally, two separate warm storage rooms in the outbuilding provide extra space for your belongings. - Features: - Spa. Framed windows. - Kitchen and living room combo. - Covered carport for two cars. - Two separate warm storage rooms. As for the location, Kittilä in Lapland, is not just another pin on the map. It's a vibrant community offering an array of outdoor activities. Despite its peaceful, rural setting, the villa is just a short walk away from the 6-slopes, the golf course, and tracks - making it a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, the local ski bus connection is easily accessible, located very close to the area, for those delightful wintertime adventures. Living in Kittilä, expect a subarctic climate with cold, snowy winters and mild, relatively short summers. The region is famous for the Northern Lights, ideal for those who cherish nature and love the outdoors. The area offers an enviable lifestyle with its tranquility, clean air, and endless outdoor activities. Living in this villa, you become part of an entrancing legacy of Lapland residents who have passed through its doors - telling tales of warm family get-togethers, shared laughter over meals, and the welcoming glow from the home, seen for miles around during the winter months. In conclusion, this villa presents a unique opportunity to enjoy life amidst the splendors of nature, while offering all the benefits of a modern home. If you are seeking a high-quality home in a tranquil location, this villa in the beautiful region of Kittilä, Finland, is worth your consideration. The combination of the region's lifestyle and the villa's inherent comfort makes this property an appealing option for overseas buyers. Explore this opportunity, seize the chance, and take your first step towards a peaceful Nordic lifestyle. In the end, a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it is an emotionally rewarding investment into your future.

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Look no further if you're in the market for a comfortable villa nestled in the fascinating vicinities of Sirkka, Lapland, Finland, boasting of an alluring blend of tranquility and convenience. Located in the serene region of Taalo, this detached 2-bedroom property welcomes you to the goodness of well-preserved nature without compromising on modern amenities. Upon entry, the villa offers a generous open floor plan of 110 square meters. On the ground floor, you will find a spacious kitchen befitting any epicurean, two well-proportioned bedrooms, a utility room, and a traditional Finnish wood sauna. The kitchen, in particular, promises appealing meal-preparation experiences, thanks to its large space and well-laid fittings. The bedrooms are a haven of relaxation with the best of comfort facilities at your disposal. Making ingenious use of vertical space, the villa also features an almost 30m2 open loft. The loft lends itself beautifully to customization - use it as an extra bedroom, a study, or a personal sanctuary, the possibilities are endless. For moments of unwinding and soaking in the charm of the great outdoors, the villa is equipped with a terrace that wraps around the back of the house. To elevate your relaxation, a wood-heated hot tub is available for your enjoyment. Picture this – a crisp winter evening, a clear sky studded with stars, and you in a warm, steaming hot tub with a spectacular view – blissful, right? Accompanying the villa are ample storage spaces, adding much-needed practicality to its aesthetics. The yards surrounding the villa are paved and manicured. But the showstopper is the open fireplace – a "laavu" on the plot, a sue generis feature that sets this villa apart. It offers opportunities for open-air cookouts and promises several memorable evenings under the Finnish sky. Amenities: - Spacious Kitchen - Wood Sauna - Open Loft for versatile use - Wood-heated Hot Tub - Generous Storage Spaces - Open Fireplace ("Laavu") Property Features: - Detached Villa - 2 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - Loft Space - Terrace - Paved Yards with Open Fireplace Residing in Sirkka, Lapland, Finland, means delighting in a unique combination of calm and celebration throughout the year. The villa is nestled amid stunning landscapes, pristine nature, and the serene tranquility of Finnish Lapland. Yet, the city center isn't far away. In addition to sublime quietude, the location boasts a favorable climate with an agreeable blend of cool and warm weather. In winter, you can indulge in a broad array of activities, such as ice fishing, cross-country skiing, or even observing the mesmerizing Northern Lights. During summer, the Midnight Sun keeps the area lit for most of the day, offering ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, or engaging in water sports. Making this villa your residence implies becoming part of a community that values subtlety, simplicity, and the goodness of nature. It's an opportunity for overseas buyers to immerse themselves in Finnish culture, heritage, and indubitable hospitality that's characteristic of the locality. Indisputably, this house is more than just an address. It's an experience, a lifestyle - one where relaxation meets convenience, where indoor meets outdoor, where you meet your new home. Whether it's a fixer-upper or a dream house, this villa in Sirkka, Lapland, Finland, is an investment worth pondering over. With the price tag of €359,000, this enchanting home could be yours. Embrace the Finns' "Sisu" spirit and make this house your oasis of tranquility amidst the dramatic landscapes of Finland.

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Upon arriving in the enchanting city of Rovaniemi, Lapland, one can feel a sense of calm envelop the setting. Tucked amidst the serene landscapes, this cozy 2-bedroom house awaits a discerning overseas buyer, ready to soak in the Scandinavian lifestyle. This detached house, beautifully renovated and delicately preserved has a robust log frame structure adding a unique charm to the house that perfectly contrasts with the lush greenery surrounding it. It spans a comfortable 78 square meters, offering ample space for a couple or a small family. The property has been carefully updated over time to meet modern living standards without compromising the authenticity. It includes new efficient water and sewer pipes, a safe and updated electrical wiring, and the most recent addition involves new windows installed in 2021, ensuring ample natural light streams into the house, lending it an airy and fresh ambience. A unique feature of this house is the generously sized yard. With a barrel sauna, a grill hut, storage sheds, a playhouse, and a greenhouse, it is an exquisite sanctuary that embraces outdoor living. The amenities in and around the house include: - A barrel sauna for relaxation. - A grill hut, perfect for social gatherings. - Ample storage shed to accommodate all your essentials. - A charming playhouse for children. - A greenhouse for gardening enthusiasts. The bedrooms, each of which is well-ventilated and boasts of an appealing layout, offer you a retreat from the world. Both spacious and well-lit, they are perfect for a restful end to the day. Moreover, there are two practical and easy to maintain bathrooms that add to the convenience. As for the location, Rovaniemi, known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, is a vibrant city rich in culture and natural beauty. The property is located in the quaint village of Muurola, away from the hustle yet accessible. Proximity to local shops, a school, and a kindergarten ensures you have access to necessities within a short distance. Living in Rovaniemi, one can truly experience the Finnish way of life firsthand. The city offers plenty of outdoor activities all year round. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to fishing and hiking in the summer, there's never a dull moment in Rovaniemi. The climate in Rovaniemi can be described as a subarctic climate. Winters are long and cold, providing the perfect setting for winter sports, while summers can be surprisingly warm and are a sight to behold due to the enchanting phenomenon of the midnight sun. This house is an ideal choice for those wanting to live a balanced and peaceful lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping, spending sunny afternoons tending to your luscious garden in the greenhouse, or settling in for a cozy evening in the sauna. It goes without saying that staying in a house is so much more than just living in a built structure. It's about creating a sense of identity, having a safe space, and building a life within its walls. This house is priced at €125,000, a worthy investment considering the condition and location of the property. It offers a chance to experience a different lifestyle filled with tranquility, natural beauty, and cultural riches. This slice of Finnish paradise is just waiting for you to make it your home!

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PROPERTY TYPE: Chalet CONDITION: Good LOCATION: Lapland, Kemijärvi, Finland SIZE: 113 sqm PRICE: 239,000 Euros Welcome to this gorgeous log chalet located in the captivating region of Lapland, Kemijärvi, Finland. This delightful cabin encompasses an area of 113 square meters with four expansive bedrooms that could comfortably accommodate a whole family or invite a group of friends over for a memorable holiday experience. Each room is architecturally designed with high wooden ceilings, giving the place a cozy, home-like atmosphere. The living room is spacious with enough room to both lounge and entertain guests. It's the perfect spot to gather around, reminisce about the day's activities, enjoy a movie night, or simply curl up with a good book beside the comforting warmth of the modern fireplace. The chalet boasts a high-quality kitchen, providing you with all the necessary amenities to satisfy the inner chef in you. Cook up culinary creations for your loved ones and enjoy it family-style on the kitchen's spacious island table. Amenities: - Water and electricity connections - Covered garage - Drying cabinet for clothes The chalet is surrounded by a vast land area, home to plenty of growing pine forests. It's a wilderness lover's paradise—and the scenic views are just the beginning. The smell of fresh pine mixing with the crisp morning air, the beauty of the snow-covered landscape in winter, the fiery fall foliage that wraps the forest with vibrant colors in autumn—it's an intimate way to experience the beauty of nature right at your doorstep. Living in Lapland, Kemijärvi opens endless potential and opportunities to immerse in Finnish tradition and lifestyle. It's more than just the home of Santa Claus—it's a region that boasts a harmonious combination of serene wilderness, welcoming local communities, and countless recreational opportunities both on land and water. During the winter, the area transforms into a magical winter wonderland, ideal for activities such as cross-country skiing, husky safaris, reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobiling, and for the most fortunate ones—catching the glimmering display of Northern Lights. While during the summer, the midnight sun invades the region, offering longer days for fishing, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, or simply basking in the radiant summer glow. Located in Kemijärvi, the ‘city of hills,’ the property is in proximity to a variety of local services – restaurants, shops, and medical healthcare services, and just a few kilometers away to Finland's oldest ski resort, Suomu. Ideal for year-round use, this chalet is a perfect retreat for those who yearn for peace and tranquility but still want to experience the conveniences of urban living. Which means, whether you're tucked into the warmth and seclusion of the chalet during snowy wintertimes, or enjoying the continuous daylight during the advent of the midnight sun, you've got a comfortable sanctuary all year round. Remember, this property isn't just a simple chalet—it's a ticket to your personal and peaceful escape nestled in a mystic Finnish region. This chalet is a unique investment opportunity for overseas buyers planning to purchase a property abroad as either a holiday home or a long-term living situation with excellent potential for natural appreciation over time. And if you are someone with a knack for home projects, this chalet, with a bit of love and care, can indeed become the home of your dreams—a fixer-upper with boundless potential. So, would like to be part of this saga in the pristine region of Lapland, Kemijärvi? Come and take a look!

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Located in the beautiful city of Kemijärvi, in the heart of Finnish Lapland, lies a fantastic three-bedroom home waiting for its next fortunate owner. This isn't just a house but a peaceful sanctuary that overlooks an idyllic lake, offering the best of both worlds - the vibrant outdoors as well as a cosy, comfortable living space. This splendid log cabin-inspired house, which is situated a mere stone's throw away from the vibrant skiing slopes, has all the hallmarks of an ideal home. Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast or prefer the serene surroundings of nature, this delightful abode is a perfect match for you. The house is roomy and functional with a land area of 61 square meters with three bedrooms, ideal for housing a small family or a group of companions. There is ample room in every corner to make it your own. Fixtures of the house include: - Three spacious bedrooms - Three well-ventilated bathrooms - A fully equipped kitchen - A comfortable and charming living area - A separate area for laundry House Features: - Log cabin design - Fantastic views of the lake - Close proximity to skiing slopes - Quiet, peaceful location Set in Lapland, Kemijärvi, Finland, this property offers the scenic charm of the region. With long, cold, and snowy winters that gradually melt into barely-there summers filled predominantly with sunlight, the location adds another attractive dimension to this house. Living in Kemijärvi presents endless possibilities for outdoor activities and community events. Known as a winter paradise, the area boasts fantastic skiing opportunities, while during the summer, it turns into a playground for fishing, hiking, and nature exploration. Imagine the joy of sipping a hot cup of coffee while overlooking the serene lake or having a barbeque in the warm months. The nearby campfire spot will allow you to experience the genuine atmosphere of Lapland all year round, which is nothing short of magical. Yet, the tranquillity of the home does not compromise the convenience of being in a well-located area. Everything you need is nearby - a range of shopping options, restaurants, cafes, and more community facilities. Living in this lovely home, one can enjoy a life that uniquely combines an active holiday with the tranquillity of nature. It’s the perfect fit for someone seeking an overseas home in a peaceful, natural setting with the added advantage of seasonal outdoor activities. This house is priced at €119,000. It's an excellent investment opportunity given the location and the property’s unique charm, a blend of traditional appeal and modern comforts. For those who are up for the prospect of living in a winter wonderland, this country-style log cabin home has its door open for your imagination. Embrace the opportunity to experience the best of what Finnish Lapland has to offer and create a home away from home. Come, find comfort amidst nature’s grandeur. Discover your haven of tranquillity in Lapland, Kemijärvi, Finland. Please note, this property is in good condition and doesn’t need immediate renovation work, but it still offers plenty of opportunities for you to personalise according to your taste. Experience a Taste of Lapland – an adventure every day and tranquillity at nightfall. You are warmly welcome to check it out and feel the magic for yourself!

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Welcome to a wonderful property— a tranquil log cabin located in the captivating city of Kemijärvi, Lapland, Finland. This peaceful retreat can be your new home, a holiday getaway, or an investment. Nestled at the end of a serene cul-de-sac, this house offers an enchanting respite from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The dwelling exudes a warm and comfortable ambiance, thanks to its log cabin architecture. Aside from aesthetics, log homes are known for their energy efficiency and strength. The air pockets within the logs provide natural insulation from the elements, keeping the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Let's explore the house in more detail. It offers a generous space of 139 square meters, accommodating larger groups or your large family. There are four well-sized bedrooms and four bath spaces, providing ease of movement and privacy. Let us not disregard the spacious living room - a comforting space to gather, unwind, or entertain. With the capacity to serve even as a small-scale conference area, it shows this house's versatile functionality. The house was meticulously maintained and underwent a substantial roof renovation in 2002. Therefore, you should expect no immediate major repairs or renovations, although personalizing the space to suit your taste and style may be desired. Property features include: - 4 well-sized bedrooms - 4 bath spaces - A spacious living room - Log cabin architecture - Practical layout - A peaceful setting at the end of a cul-de-sac - 139 square meters of living space Being in Kemijärvi means you're in the northernmost town in Finland and the entire European Union. The city is renowned for its natural beauty. Surrounded by pristine forests, clean air, and clear lakes, residents here have access to countless outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, and bird watching. In winter, the area becomes a snow-covered playground for cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobile tours. Apart from the recreational opportunities, the area is popular for Aurora Borealis sightings– an unmissable natural phenomenon. Local amenities: - Proximity to outdoor activities - Nearby grocery stores - Close to local eateries - Local school and hospital The climate is typical of the Finnish Lapland region. Summers are cool and short, with long days full of sunlight. However, get ready for long, dark, and cold winters with spectacular northern lights displays. This property is designed to withstand the harsh Finnish winters efficiently. Moving into a house, especially a log cabin, offers a completely different living experience. The calming log atmosphere is said to reduce blood pressure and anxiety levels, promoting a healthier, stress-free life. Imagine lounging in the cozy living room with a warm drink and good book, looking out the windows to the nature nearby– sounds like pure bliss! This serene and comfortable retreat is available for 320,000 Euros. If you're considering a life in harmony with nature and authenticity, then look no further than this log home in Lapland. Festivating the Finnish lifestyle, in the city that captures the true essence of Finland at its best, is a life-changing experience.

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Welcome to the stunning Northern region of Finland, Lapland, renown for its breathtaking natural beauty and the enigmatic Northern Lights. Here in the heart of the Arctic Circle, in the city of Kemijärvi, a modern two-bedroom cottage waits for the discerning buyer looking for a comfortable Scandinavian retreat. The house, modestly spreading over 64 square meters, is in a good condition and is adorably cosy, exuding traditional Finnish charm. A delightful combination of modernity and rustic charm, it is situated in a prime location near the Suomu ski resort, revered by locals and tourists alike for its exhilarating downhill sloping action and picturesque landscapes. As you enter the property, you are greeted by a spacious living room that connects seamlessly to a fully equipped kitchen. The design ensures an enlarged and open living space seamlessly illuminated by natural light. The partially open ceiling adds an extra touch of elegance, giving a heightened sense of space and depth to the overall layout. A wooden staircase leads to the upstairs loft, which boasts its own toilet, and an area spacious enough to house larger beds and furniture. The masterstroke of this delightful cottage is undoubtedly the full-width rear terrace. Perfect for enjoying a steaming cup of coffee on frosty winter mornings or watching the mesmerising dance of the Northern Lights, the terrace also lends a beautiful vista of a well-maintained skiing trail just a stone's throw away. Key amenities include: - Two bedrooms - Two bathrooms - Spacious, open-concept living room - Fully equipped kitchen - Large loft - Full-width rear terrace Key Property Features: - Good condition property - A well-maintained, impressive rear terrace - Proximity to Suomu ski resort - A spacious layout with partially open ceiling - Loft with toilet and space large enough for beds and furniture Located well above the Arctic Circle, Kemijärvi exudes a unique subarctic climate. Winters here echo an ethereal beauty, blanketing the city under a pristine layer of snow and turning it into a veritable Winter Wonderland. Whereas the summer months are pleasantly mild, with the sun respectfully declining to set, giving you twenty-four hours of daylight - a phenomenon popularly referred to as the Midnight Sun. Living in Kemijärvi is a truly atmospheric experience. The city hosts a multitude of winter activities like snowboarding, skiing and husky sledding. Shoppers can find a range of locally made Lapland artefacts at the city centre, while the gourmet scene surprises with its unique Lappish specialties. Immersed in the Lapland culture, owning a house in this region can be a thrilling experience, with the opportunity to experience the local festivals, the thrill of winter activities, and a vibrant nightlife in the ski-resort town of Suomu. Beyond these activities, the daily life in a house here offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the beauty of the vast wilderness all around, solitude is a luxury that comes as a part of living in this quaint cottage. Relish in the solitude, the serenity, the stunning snowy landscapes, and the beautiful display of the Northern Lights sprawled out across the sky. The home awaits—that quintessential Finnish charm is but a decision away.

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Welcome to a fresh perspective of living in Etelä-Suomi, Helsinki, Finland. Enveloped in the serene beauty of the Tapaninvainio area, you'll be introduced to the warmth and charm of this refined brick-clad, detached single-family house. Constructed in 2003, this property offers a unique blend of convenience, comfort, and style. In meticulously designed two-story layout, this 135 square meter house encompasses four bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across each floor. Each bedroom is spacious with ample natural light, adding a distinct charm to the home and to its inhabitants. The heart of the home, the living room, is done up in a loft-style accentuating the house's overall aesthetic appeal. This high-ceilinged room provides a welcoming ambiance for family gatherings or just a quiet evening curled up by the fireplace with a good book. A well-maintained, updated kitchen awaits the budding chef in you. Equipped with modern appliances and stone countertops, the kitchen is a poster-child of function meeting style. The wellness area of the house includes a snug sauna and whirlpool. Bask in the warmth of the sauna after a long day or let the whirlpool transport you to a world of relaxation, reinforcing the notion that self-care shouldn't be an afterthought but a way of life. The house also prides itself on a laundry area designed optimally for easy housekeeping. This property accommodates not just one, but multiple vehicles, boasting a built-in garage and two additional parking spaces outdoors in the yard. Now, let's take a look at the local area. Helsinki, the cosmopolitan capital city of Finland, is known for its distinctive blend of urban hustle with the calm solitude of nature. The city vibes harmoniously with its verdant blooming parks, while avant-garde architecture marks its skyline. Living in Helsinki is an experience in diversity. It's where you'll be surrounded by Finland’s rich history, dynamic design scene, and a vibrant food culture that never fails to excite the palate. Tapaninvainio, an area where the house is situated, is a well-connected district in Helsinki. It's known for its recreational offerings and close proximity to essential services. Within walking distance, you'll find Tapanilan Erä and its versatile amenities that cater to hobbies and interests of all ages. For all your retail needs, the Tammisto K-market is close by, ensuring your daily groceries shopping is never a strain. From local products to international needs, this supermarket will ensure everything is within your reach. Located in Finland, the city of Helsinki enjoys a continental climate. Here, you'll experience mild, warm summers and winters blanketed with snow – an absolute delight for winter enthusiasts who enjoy skiing and snowshoeing. Amenities include: - Updated Kitchen with stone countertops - Fireplace - Sauna and whirlpool - Garage and outdoor parking space - Proximity to Tapanilan Erá’s services and Tammisto K-market Property features: - 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms - Lofty living room - 135 square meters of living space - Brick-clad detached house Priced at 485,000, this well-equipped house in good condition, nestled in the Tapaninvainio area of Helsinki, offers the opportunity to own and live in a well-developed, culturally rich neighborhood, paired with the peace of a tight-knit community. Dodge the recurrent cost and uncertainty of renovations and enjoy the essence of Finnish living.

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PROPERTY TYPE: Apartment PROPERTY CONDITION: Good COUNTRY: Finland CITY: Helsinki ADDRESS: Etelä-Suomi, Helsinki, Finland BATHROOMS: 1 BEDROOMS: 1 SIZE: 49 square meters PRICE: € 189,000 This cosy and well-maintained one-bedroom apartment is nestled in the idyllic neighbourhood of Tapaninkylä, in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Exhibiting an elegant mix of comfort and flair, the apartment showcases an exceptional layout and offers potential buyers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Helsinki's increasingly sought-after real estate market. The living room, which serves as the focal point of the home, opens up to a generous balcony that overlooks the complex's meticulously manicured green yard. It's an ideal space for unwinding after a long day or entertaining guests on a cool summer evening. The apartment’s amenities include: - One bedroom with ample closet space - A well-designed, bright and modern kitchen - A roomy bathroom equipped with a luxurious sauna - Large sliding door cupboards in the hallway - A spacious, open-plan living area - A generous balcony with green-yard views Key features of the property also include: - A functional, well-maintained living space - A prime location on the edge of a tranquil street - Proximity to efficient transport links The city of Helsinki offers a blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication, boasting an impressive array of cultural events, fine dining options, high-end shopping centres, bustling markets, established arts scene, and a world-class education system. The apartment is situated in Helsinki's southern mainland region of Etelä-Suomi, known for its strong community spirit and charming residential streets. This area offers both the allure of city living and the tranquillity of suburban life, with parks, eateries, entertainment venues, and shopping centres just a short walk away. Given Finland's generally cold climate, cosying up in your own private sauna after a day out in the snow is a luxury that isn't afforded to many. Yet, it’s just another day in this lovely apartment in Helsinki. During summer months, the capital city transforms, offering its residents and visitors an opportunity to witness the famous ‘Midnight Sun’ – around 19 hours of daylight. This is the perfect time to explore the city's pristine natural parks, islands and forests. Living in an apartment like this offers the conveniences of compact living; less maintenance, an immediate community, and often, access to shared facilities. Plus, there is the added bonus of living closer to city centres with unlimited entertainment and social opportunities. As for the condition of the property, rest assured, this is no fixer-upper. Well-maintained, and beautifully designed, the apartment has managed to retain its charm and quality. It truly is a testament to quality Finnish architecture, blending functionality and style in a harmonious balance. Ultimately, the purchase of this apartment offers more than just a home; it offers a lifestyle. A lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury. Whether you're an overseas investor looking for a secure foothold in the Finnish property market, or a local searching for the perfect city home, this apartment in Helsinki is a haven worth considering.

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Welcome to the enchanting city of Helsinki, found nestled in the heart of the picturesque Etelä-Suomi region of Finland. If you’ve been dreaming of owning a unique slice of Scandinavian minimalism, this charming 3-bedroom terraced house might be the perfect choice for you. With its good condition, this delightful property promises warmth, comfort, and convenience in equal measures. This house spans across 92 square meters of tastefully designed living space, artistically designed to balance functionality with aesthetics. Here, the best of Scandinavian design principles are brought to life, marrying simplicity and efficiency to create an environment that feels like home. You'll notice the spacious, bright living room, thoughtfully designed to be the heart of this beautiful residence. This area flows into an open kitchen, where you could prepare a feast with local ingredients or enjoy your morning coffee. The property comes equipped with three amiable bedrooms. Each room serves as a tranquil sanctuary that ensures every household member enjoys a private retreat. To further sweeten the deal, the property features a cozy sauna, offering a touch of Finnish tradition. Here, you can enjoy a rejuvenating experience, whether after a long day of work or simply for some weekend relaxation. Here’s a snapshot of the house features: - 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - 1 open kitchen - Spacious living room - Cozy sauna Another notable feature of this house is the heated parking space, rare in this part of the world. This amenity is included in the low monthly maintenance fee, which is just 4 €/m². Staying warm during the cold Finnish winters won't be a problem, as this home is served by geothermal heating, considered one of the most eco-friendly and efficient heating systems. Moreover, the property is a part of a debt-free company sitting on its own plot, promising peace of mind for the future homeowner. Now, let’s take a moment to focus on the local area. The property is located in a quiet, comfortable neighborhood of Paloheinä, offering tranquility away from the city's bustle. This locale breeds a sense of community, is safe, and offers an excellent quality of life. With a range of outdoor activities, local sports facilities, parks, and abundant natural beauty at your doorstep, there’s plenty for you to enjoy and explore on weekends and holidays. The Finnish climate, specifically in Helsinki, can be quite an interesting experience. Summers here are relatively mild, with extended daylight hours that sometimes stretch till midnight. Winters are long, snowy, and naturally, cold. Nonetheless, every season has its charm: from vibrant autumn hues to the enchanting white landscapes of winter, and frolicking greenery in the spring to pleasantly mild summers. Living in a house has quite a few advantages. Privacy, space, freedom to customize your living area, and a sense of ownership are just a few to list. With this property, you can enjoy all these benefits with the added bonus of living in a preferred location. Finally, settling down in Helsinki promises a life full of charm. Residents regard the city highly for its high standard of living, ample employment opportunities, modern infrastructures, cleanliness, and low crime rates. Additionally, there are nation-wide, high-quality, free education options, including kindergartens and schools. Isn’t this a dream come true for anyone nurtures an overseas living dream? Keep in mind that this lovely home is immediately available. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the perks of Helsinki lifestyle in your very own beautiful, well-maintained, and inviting townhouse.

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Welcome to the thriving heart of Helsinki, Finland, where a unique apartment is up for selection. Sitting right in Etelä-Suomi, this home presents an excellent opportunity for overseas buyers seeking the charm of a Scandinavian lifestyle and the security of a worthwhile investment. This apartment's condition is good, indicating that it's been well maintained for its new occupant's enjoyment. It's not just another residential opportunity, but a cozy nest that brings Helsinki's unique ambience right into your living room. This property features: - One cozy bedroom, a retreat after a long day, designed keeping comfort and relaxation in mind. - A single, well-set bathroom offering privacy and convenience. - A total size of 62 square meters—a sweet spot between being overly spacious while not feeling cramped. This apartment is priced at 728,000, perfectly matching its bold presentation and the luxuries it brings onto the table. Living in Helsinki gives you an authentic European experience. As Finland's capital city, Helsinki abounds with cultural sites, design shops, museums, and world-class restaurants—giving you a taste of modern urban aesthetic co-existing with historical richness. The climate is fairly cold in the winter, offering beautiful snowy landscapes. However, the summer brings mild warmth perfect for exploring the city's picturesque parks and waterfronts. Specifically, being in Etelä-Suomi places you close to the heart of the city. Here, each day brings a new opportunity to explore the nearby Kaivopuisto park or indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Eerikinkatu. The Helsinki Cathedral and The Old Market Hall are also nearby, presenting venues of historical significance and architectural charm. You can also engage in light shopping or dining at the multitude of shops and eateries nearby. Regarding the local amenities, the apartment's residents enjoy: - Supermarkets offering both local and international products - Cafes and restaurants presenting an opportunity to explore diverse cuisines - Cinemas featuring both global and local cinema - Health and fitness centres ensuring your physical well-being - Excellent public transport connectivity Living in this apartment encompasses an urban living style, evoking a serene yet energetic atmosphere. The seclusion and privacy of your apartment are balanced with a warm and welcoming sense of community. This balance enhances the appeal, making this property not just a home, but a lifestyle choice. In conclusion, this flat exhibits true Finnish charm and offers a chance to be part of a vibrant, culturally rich community. It's not just about purchasing a piece of property, but about seizing an opportunity to live a fulfilling, adventurous lifestyle interwoven with the simplicity and tranquility that defines Helsinki. With its promising appeal and amenities, this apartment assures to be a comfortable home away from home for international buyers.

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Delightful for an overseas buyer, you will find a timeless charm in this detached house nestled in the heart of Hevossalmi, Helsinki, in the southern region of Finland. With a landscape that is beyond words, Hevossalmi presents a fascinating yet untouched beauty, up-close and personal with its seaside lifestyle. The atmospherically immersive funk-style house showcases a palette that immediately captures attention, complemented by the enchanting personality that infuses every feature of this 287-square meter property. Spanning three expansive floors, the house represents not only an attractive investment opportunity but also an appealing lifestyle of being one with nature. The house incorporates three commodious bedrooms and three well-formed bathrooms, thereby providing ample space for comfortable living. The design aesthetically utilizes volume to emphasize a sense of luxurious expansiveness. With the main building housing a two-car garage, logistical conveniences are directly addressed. The property also includes a villa carefully positioned within the vast courtyard, presenting a perfect setting for guest accommodation or a serene reading spot. The structure caters for additional space needs, making it an ideal addition to the property. Exclusive amenities include: • Three spacious bedrooms • Three beautifully designed bathrooms • An integrated two-car garage • Additional villa within the courtyard Dominant property features include: • A spectacularly large master suite • Comfortably large living spaces • Unparalleled views of nature The integrated living concept extends effortlessly to the outdoors, accentuated by having your own private beach and water area. The tranquillity and idyllic ambiance these features offer are further enhanced by a sauna by the sea, inviting relaxation in its true meaning. Irrespective of the season, a gently lapping waterfront and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore would be your daily hymn. Situated in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki experiences a beautiful temperate continental climate. The city is renowned for its snowy winters, offering breathtakingly picturesque views. The short, warm summers bring a refreshing change to the snowy landscape, transforming the city into a green paradise with extended daylight hours, popularly known as "white nights." The property, listed at €3,400,000, makes a perfect home for a larger family or serves potential representation needs. The opportunity to own this unique and elegantly proportioned house, which strikes a harmonious balance between elegant design, premium comfort and incredible proximity to nature, is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Life in Helsinki will immerse you in the hospitality of the locals, delicious Nordic cuisine, and unending opportunities for outdoor activities. As a societal hub of Finland, the city offers a vibrant mix of events and things to do which will surely increase your appreciation for the area. From exploring the stunning archipelago, spending a leisurely day by the water, or indulging in the free-spirited and trendy district of Kallio, Helsinki offers a vast array of experiences to any potential homeowner. To express interest or to arrange a visit to the property, please don't hesitate to get in touch. This may just be your perfect chance to own a distinctive property that eloquently combines elegance, spaciousness and an incredible closeness to nature. Live boldly. Live in Helsinki.

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This beautiful 8-bedroom country home in Gulbene, Stameriena, Latvia is a unique blend of history, nature, and serenity. This terraced house, originally the grand Vonadzi II manor, promises a spacious residence teeming with character and potential. The home sits on the edge of a magnificent ravine along the picturesque Ludzupite river, offering breathtaking views right outside your window. Stameriena, affectionately known as 'Little Switzerland' is a gem tucked away within the Gulbene region of Latvia. The neighborhood is replete with stunning natural vistas, complete with charming lakes and an abundance of welcoming outdoor spaces where you can soak in the beauty that surrounds you. The property itself is monumental in size, measuring a grand total of 632 square meters. Housed within this generous expanse are 8 spectacular bedrooms and 8 well-equipped bathrooms. The house, while in good condition, leaves plenty of room for a keen eye to turn things around. If you're a lover of historic, rustic charm with an appetite for personalizing your living spaces, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Property features include: - 8 beautifully crafted spacious bedrooms - 8 well-equipped bathrooms - A vast total area of 632 square meters - Spectacular river and ravine views Property amenities include: - Scenic walking paths - Proximity to Lake Stameriena Just a brief stroll from your doorstep is Lake Stameriena – a popular local treasure known for its great swimming area. A ten-minute jaunt will satisfy any longing for crystal-clear waters and peaceful solitude. Living in Stameriena is akin to residing in a real-life fairytale. The region is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes synonymous with the postcard-worthy scenes of Switzerland. Becoming a part of this intimate community allows you to enjoy a plethora of sights including the beautiful St. Neva Alexander Orthodox Church, the lovingly restored Stameriena Castle, and the irreplaceable experience of riding on a narrow-gauge train that has traversed between Gulbene to Aluksne for an impressive 118 years. Latvia, known for its mild, temperate seasons, offers a delightful mix of chilly winters and warm, breezy summers. This makes Stameriena an ideal location for those who enjoy a variety of climates, whether you relish the opportunity to curl up by a warm fire in the winter, or enjoy languishing by the lake under the golden summer sun. For lovers of country homes, this Latvian gem encapsulates the perfect combination of tranquility and adventure. It offers you not just a house, but a vibrant lifestyle in tune with nature and history. With each season, you'll find new aspects to love – from green springs that call you towards the lake, to delightfully crisp autumn days perfect for leisurely walks through your captivating new neighborhood. This property, listed at just €55,000, is an open door to becoming part of a community entrenched in nature and rich in history. If you're looking for an overseas investment or a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this country home is a splendid opportunity you shouldn't overlook. Invest in this historic manor and let your journey of personalizing it to your own unique taste unfold. Your dream country home in beautiful Latvia awaits.

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Welcome to one of Latvia's hidden gems! In the beautiful small town of Ineši, we are proud to present an impressive Neo-Gothic style villa, formerly known as Zirstenhoff Estate. Occupying an area of 524 square meters, this historical piece holds plentiful potential and invites you to put your unique stamp on it, becoming a part of its ongoing story. Positioned in the heart of southern Livonia, approximately 130km east of Riga, the villa is charmingly situated in a bend of the Ogre River. Its scenic surroundings include around 1 km of river shoreline, providing an idyllic waterside living. This feature undoubtedly makes it a rare find in such a remarkable location. The villa itself, an 8-bedroom property, is a tribute to the 19th-century Neo-Gothic architectural design. The main building boasts an expansive and symmetrical 7-axled structure, spread over a 20x15 meters space. Other elements reflecting this architectural style include a two-storey structure with a high basement floor and 3-axled middle risalit. Though calling for a renovation project, this property's enchanting character and potential for customization make it an exciting proposition for those looking to create their dream home from a fixer-upper. With a touch of modernization reflecting your personal taste, this villa could be transformed into a unique family home or perhaps a boutique hospitality business, given its generous area and historical appeal. As for the villa's amenities, they include: - 8 spacious bedrooms - 8 bathrooms - An extensive living room area - A high basement floor These features, combined with your own visionary modifications, could breathe new life into this timeless property. Living in Ineši and being an integral part of its warm community can be a rewarding experience. The town is known for its tranquillity and serenity, with breathtaking natural landscapes, including dense forests, flowing rivers, and a picturesque countryside. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or prefer the calm rural life, Ineši offers the best of both worlds. The climate in this part of Latvia is Pomeranian, with moderate winters and pleasant summers. Latvia's four seasons each have their own charm - from vibrant autumn colors, snow-covered landscapes in winter, blossoming spring, to warm and sunny summer days. Owning a villa in this region doesn't just offer a place to live. It provides a lifestyle brimming with the romance of historical architecture, the tranquility of rural life, and the beauty of natural surroundings. Imagine waking up each morning to the gentle sound of the Ogre River, or taking a leisurely afternoon stroll along the nearby nature trails. Lastly, note that this property comes with a price tag of 320,000. It offers a unique chance to not just buy a residence, but to invest in a piece of Latvia's history and enchanting charm. It's the kind of opportunity that doesn't come around often, and we are excited to share it with you. Crafting your personal haven from this fixer-upper is the start of an adventure. One that concludes with a one-of-a-kind home that tells a story uniquely your own.

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Welcome to the picturesque country of Latvia. Specifically, we're delighted to showcase a beautiful residence nestled within the walking distance of a serene lake in the charming city of Riga. The property on offer is a 2-bedroom detached house with a functional property size of 160 metres squared, ready for both tranquil family living and social engagements. As of now, the product is well maintained and doesn't require extensive renovation. Instead, the prospective buyer may decide to apply some light polishing to enrich its inherent cosiness and comfort, making you feel like adding a few strokes to an already perfect painting. Once you enter this inviting domicile, you'll be greeted by large, well-lit rooms that offer ample space for movement. The house boasts a sizeable kitchen, perfect for those who take their culinary pursuits seriously. The layout offers access from either side, thus splitting the landscape into a private, restful yard ideal for family gatherings or solo retreat and an open, garden-like street side. To increase the convenience for car owners, the house features an integral garage that provides direct access to the indoors. The property brims with double the convenience with its dual bathrooms, reducing the morning rush hour. The two bedrooms present an intimate, private space, designed with a touch of magic to ensure the winding down after a busy day is as comfortable as possible. Adding to its many luxuries and comforts, this property showcases unique amenities such as: - Gas Heating - Local Water Supply - A Fully Functional Sauna with Rest Room (Imagine having a private spa retreat right in your property!) - A Sheltered Outdoor Sitting Area - A Woodshed and Cellar Now, let's touch on the essence of living in Riga. The neighbourhood itself is known for its tranquillity and peacefulness, making it an ideal location for those seeking some respite from the bustle of larger cities. Latvia's capital, Riga, seamlessly weds old-world charm and modern sensibilities. The city is steeped in history, yet it is vibrant and evolving. For the outdoor lovers, the city offers an array of activities including sailing, biking, and strolling through the many beautiful parks of Riga. The surrounding region is also renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, creating a haven for hiking, bird watching, boating, and fishing. As for the climate, Latvia experiences a temperate seasonal climate with moderate winters and mildly warm summers, ideal for a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Riga's food scene is rapidly growing with an eclectic mix of cafés, restaurants, and markets. Promoting local produce, sea delicacies. Latvian traditional cuisine is a gastronomic delight, with Riga being the epicentre of this culinary revolution. International cuisine is also in abundance, catering to diverse global palates. A house is not just a property; it's a home, and this charming 2-bedroom house in Riga is looking for its next family. It's priced attractively at €230,000, which is a solid investment opportunity given the escalating rate of real estate in Riga's fast-growing market. So if you're an overseas investor seeking a peaceful, yet refreshing lifestyle in this stunning location, this warm and welcoming household is certainly worth considering. This property promises a wonderful blend of tranquility and convenience whilst offering a rich and varied lifestyle - an opportunity not to be missed. Make this delightful residence your own sanctuary.

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