Charming 3BR Country House in Marco de Canaveses

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Oporto, Marco de Canaveses, Portugal, Marco de Canaveses (Portugal)

3 Bedrooms · 3 Bathrooms · 200Floor area




3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms



No pool

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Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Oporto, Marco de Canaveses, Portugal, this charming 3-bedroom farmhouse offers a unique opportunity for those looking to embrace a rural lifestyle or undertake an engaging project. With a substantial 200 square meters of living space set on a 1,000 square meter plot, this property is ideal for anyone seeking to create their dream countryside retreat.

The residence currently requires renovation, making it a perfect choice for buyers who are eager to infuse their personal touch into every nook and cranny. The home embodies a vibrant past and beckons the creative-minded to revive its historical charm. The existing structure comprises two floors that present a flexible layout to design a comfortable and modern living space while respecting its rustic roots.

Adding to its appeal, there is an additional small stone building on the property. This 20 square meter structure offers potential for a variety of uses, such as a guest house, an art studio, or even a tranquil home office.

Property Features:

- Size: 200 m² main house on a 1,000 m² plot
- Condition: Requires renovating, a true fixer-upper
- Layout: 2 floors, offering flexible design options
- Additional Buildings: 20 m² stone outbuilding


- Bathrooms: 3
- Bedrooms: 3
- Outdoor Features: Cultivated fields, fruit trees, a water well, and a tank

Residing in Marco de Canaveses offers a peaceful setting with the convenience of proximity to larger towns. Just approximately 20 minutes away from the cities of Amarante and Marco de Canaveses, residents can easily access a wider array of services and amenities. Porto city, known for its rich culture and vibrant history, is about an hour’s drive away, perfect for weekend outings or city day trips.

The farmhouse is situated in an elevated position, rewarding inhabitants with stunning scenic views — an ideal backdrop for a serene lifestyle surrounded by nature. The presence of cultivated fields and various fruit trees on the property adds to its rural charm and potential for small-scale farming or gardening.

Living in a Farmhouse:

Living in a farmhouse such as this one fosters a deep connection with nature and offers ample space for both relaxation and hobbies. Whether cultivating your own produce in the fertile lands, exploring rural tourism possibilities, or simply enjoying the tranquility away from the bustling city life, this property could be the cornerstone of a fulfilling rustic lifestyle.

Climate and Local Area:

Marco de Canaveses is situated in a region with a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This climate supports a variety of outdoor activities year-round and is beneficial for gardening and agriculture, providing an ideal setting for those interested in sustainable living practices.

Despite its rural charm, the area provides essential amenities within reasonable driving distance and boasts a friendly community. The mix of traditional Portuguese culture with the beauty of natural landscapes makes this location not only a peaceful dwelling option but also a potential tourist attraction.

For international buyers, this property is more than just a home. It's an escape into the pastoral pleasures of Portugal, with opportunities to delve into local customs, learn the language, and integrate within a welcoming community.

This farmhouse, ripe for renovation, offers boundless potential to create not just a house but a home full of character and personal flair, set in a tranquil part of Portugal where life moves at a gentler pace. If you are seeking a project that promises to reward your investment with both beauty and tranquility, this may just be the place where you can bring your vision to life.


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