Charming 9-Bed French Stone House with B&B Potential

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Aquitaine, Dordogne, Vézac, France, Vézac (France)

9 Bedrooms · 8 Bathrooms · 270Floor area



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9 Bedrooms

8 Bathrooms




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Charming Farmhouse in Vézac, Dordogne

Nestled in the scenic region of Aquitaine, in the historically rich Dordogne department, this 9-bedroom farmhouse presents a unique opportunity for those looking to imbue a property with their personal style while embracing the French countryside. With a thoughtful asking price of €399,000, this property offers both considerable space and potential, spanning 270 square meters across lush surroundings.

Property Features:
- Size: 270 square meters
- Bedrooms: 9 (including a two-bedroom guest annexe)
- Bathrooms: 8 (5 en-suite)
- Independent or integrated guest accommodation
- Adjacent barn with renovation needs, especially the roof
- Large flat garden, potentially suitable for a swimming pool (with proper permissions)

Amenities and Local Area:
Vézac, a quaint village in Dordogne, boasts proximity to cultural landmarks and natural beauty. Living here, you'd find yourself within walking distance to the serene Dordogne river, ideal for peaceful morning walks or adventurous kayaking. The area is dotted with historic chateaux such as Beynac, Fayrac, Castelnaud, Marqueyssac, and Milandes, enriching your weekends with historical explorations and picturesque settings.

For those with a penchant for farming or gardening, the generous garden offers ample space for cultivation, adding to the farmhouse charm with home-grown produce or a floral paradise.

The climate in this part of France typically features mild winters and warm summers, conducive to both living and farming, and perfect for enjoying the outdoors and the scenic beauty of Aquitaine throughout most of the year.

Living in a Farmhouse:
Embracing life in a farmhouse in Vézac means connecting with nature and enjoying a slower, more meaningful pace of life. It's an invitation to cultivate the land, enjoy expansive green spaces, and revitalize a charming property that could also potentially house a bed & breakfast or a tourism-related business, subject to necessary permissions.

Potential for Improvement:
The adjacent barn, with its unique feature of having numerous window openings, offers significant potential for conversion into additional living space or recreational areas once its renovation needs, particularly a new roof, are addressed. This setup is ideal for anyone looking to imprint their personal touch on an already captivating property.

While the farmhouse offers immense potential and charm, it is pertinent to note that there are logistics to be considered, including the nearby development that may introduce a deviation in the area. Though this could potentially enhance tourist accessibility and increase property value, it's an element to be considered for those seeking absolute tranquility.

The prospective deviation would integrate a green route beneficial for bikers and pedestrians, reflecting an enhanced infrastructure that respects and preserves the environmental integrity of this historically protected area. Moreover, all main features of the house and garden face away from this development, ensuring that the core aesthetic and rustic feel of the property remain undisturbed.

This farmhouse in Vézac offers a blend of rustic charm, ample space, and a touch of needed renovation to carve out your niche in the French countryside. With its realistic price and promising features, it is a solid choice for those aiming to own a piece of France's pastoral beauty, coupled with a realistic view of future developments. Whether looking to create a family home, a seasonal retreat, or explore commercial opportunities, this property stands as a canvas ready for transformation.


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