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Aquitaine, Dordogne, Ribérac, France, Ribérac (France)

5 Bedrooms · 1 Bathrooms · 221Floor area




5 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms



No pool

Not furnished


Nestled in the picturesque region of Aquitaine, in the heart of Dordogne, Ribérac is a location that exudes the quintessence of French countryside charm. This exceptional five-bedroom house presents an inviting proposition for those looking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of France, complete with the allure of a riverfront setting. Priced at €450,000, this property unfolds as a canvas, ready for the strokes of personalization, while enjoying the benefits of its generous surroundings.

As you enter, the warm embrace of the spacious kitchen-dining area sets the tone for a home that is designed for both comfort and hospitality. An office space within the residence ensures that work or study can be pursued without interruption, grounded in the tranquility that this location affords. The broad sitting room, a centerpiece for relaxation, extends outdoors to a covered terrace, inviting panoramic views of the river – an idyllic backdrop for both quiet mornings and convivial evenings.

The property’s layout is completed by five amiable bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, offering ample space for family and guests alike. The promise of expansion or customization lies within the spacious loft on the second floor, catering to an array of imaginative transformations.

Outside, the expanse of 5522m² is a testament to the breadth of natural beauty, encompassing manicured gardens, an embrace of woodland, and the tranquil flow of the river. This setting not only enchants but also provides a fertile ground for sustainable living options, with the possibility of embracing a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

Amenities include:

- Spacious Kitchen-Dining Area
- Office Space
- Large Sitting Room
- Covered Terrace with River Views
- Five Bedrooms
- Bathroom
- Spacious Loft
- 5522m² of Gardens and Woodland
- River Frontage

Property Features:

- Size: 221m²
- Bedrooms: 5
- Bathroom: 1
- River Front Location
- Good Condition (Perfect as a Fixer-Upper)

Living in Ribérac, you’d find yourself in a community that thrives amidst the beauty of Dordogne. Lively local markets, exquisite gastronomy, and an array of leisure activities, from canoeing on the river to exploring historic castles, mark everyday life. The town, though nestled in serenity, is brimming with amenities, ensuring all necessities are within easy reach.

The climate in Aquitaine is temperate, with Ribérac enjoying mild winters and warm, sunny summers – a weather pattern that lends itself beautifully to outdoor pursuits and a lifestyle that celebrates nature.

For those considering a move from overseas, Ribérac presents an opportunity to step into a lifestyle where the pace slows down, allowing for a deeper appreciation of moments and the surroundings. This property, in ‘good’ condition, offers the ideal foundation for those aiming to create a personalized retreat in France, with the added benefit of its potential as a fixer-upper, inviting its new owners to imbue it with their narrative.

Ribérac is not just a location; it's a way of life. From its community-focused living to the natural beauty that frames each day, living here means becoming part of a tapestry that is both vibrant and restorative. Whether it’s the home you return to each day or a seasonal retreat, this five-bedroom house near Ribérac stands as a gateway to a life lived with fuller appreciation for the world around us.

In summary, this property not just offers a house, but an opportunity - to live, to explore, and to transform. A viewing is indeed highly recommended for those who dream of making France their home, away from the hustle but close to the heart of a living, breathing community.


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