Charming 4-Bed Countryside Estate with Guest Houses in Dordogne

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Aquitaine, Dordogne, St-Saud-Lacoussière, France, Saint-Saud-Lacoussière (France)

4 Bedrooms · 2 Bathrooms · 190Floor area



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4 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms



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Welcome to the enchanting countryside of Saint-Saud-Lacoussière, nestled in the serene heart of the Dordogne region in Aquitaine, France. If you're seeking a unique living experience and a taste of rural French charm intertwined with history, consider this captivating 18th-century stone property. Embodying the essence of the Perigord Vert natural park with its traditional Perigord tower, the estate offers an exceptional opportunity for those looking to embrace a peaceful, provincial lifestyle.

The residence spans across a generous 190 square meters, distinctly designed to fuse both classical elegance and the welcoming warmth of a family home. The property consists of a principal house flanked by two annexes, each adeptly converted to serve as quaint accommodations, ideal for hosting guests or potentially developing a bed and breakfast venture. Such flexibility makes it a prospective treasure for expatriates contemplating an idyllic life abroad with the convenience of supplementary income possibilities.

Settled on a picturesque fenced hectare of verdant land adorned with mature trees and blooming flora, the estate boasts two traditional wells and unrivaled vistas of the rolling countryside surroundings. For those enthusiastic about nature and privacy, here is where you'll find your sanctuary.

While realistically acknowledging the residence’s condition as good, budding homebuyers may look forward to applying their personal touches or modernizing some aspects to enhance comfort and value. This property offers an appealing base, perfect for anyone driven to customize their home to reflect their tastes and style.

House features:
- 4 commodious bedrooms
- 2 well-appointed bathrooms
- Spacious ground encompassing 1 hectare with scenic views
- Historical charm with features like a Perigord tower
- Stone-built with traditional architectural cues
- Fenced and landscaped grounds
- Includes additional buildings suitable for guest accommodations

Amenities in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière contribute greatly to the quality of life, including local shops, rustic bistros, and cozy cafes that are moments away from the property. The area is frequented for its trails which are ideal for hiking, cycling, and observations of flora and fauna - a perfect weekend venture for families and nature lovers.

Living in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière also affords residents a temperate climate. Summers are pleasantly warm, perfect for enjoying the outdoors and the lush, green surroundings, while winters remain mild, with enough variation to experience seasonal changes without the harsh extremes.

For families considering relocation, the town offers a welcoming community with an array of activities and amenities. Educational opportunities are available within viable commuting distances, ensuring young ones receive quality schooling. The area's calm, coupled with the friendly local populace, makes it a reassuring place for raising children in a secure and engaging environment.

This stunning locale not only promises a serene retreat from the clamor of city life but also provides a rich terrain for those interested in historical sites, artisan crafts, and authentic regional cuisine. The local markets brimming with fresh produce and the heritage-rich community offer an immersive experience for those fascinated by cultural depth and tradition.

Despite its tranquil demeanor, Saint-Saud-Lacoussière holds a strategic position with good road connections to major cities and attractions in the Dordogne region, allowing for delightful excursions and deeper exploration of this picturesque part of France. Whether it’s marveling at medieval castles, visiting prehistoric caves or simply relishing the quiet of the countryside, your experiences here are limited only by your curiosity.

In summary, this property serves as more than just a place to reside; it's a doorway to a life steeped in natural beauty, historical richness, and pastoral tranquility. Ideal for a family or individuals eager to forge a fulfilling life in the French countryside, this might just be the retreat you have been searching for.


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