Charming 15-Bedroom Country Estate with Pool in Dordogne, Ideal for Development

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Aquitaine, Dordogne, Bergerac, France, Bergerac (France)

15 Bedrooms · 11 Bathrooms · 830Floor area




15 Bedrooms

11 Bathrooms




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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Aquitaine, Dordogne, the town of Bergerac offers a unique blend of pastoral beauty and French countryside charm. Here, a substantial farmhouse property is on the market, presenting an intriguing opportunity for those looking to immerse themselves in the rural French lifestyle or undertake an enterprising project.

The farmhouse complex comprises three distinct houses sprawled over a generous 2 acres of verdant parkland. With a total of 15 bedrooms and numerous living spaces, the site is ripe for development, whether for personal use, rental income, or as a retreat destination.

The primary stone-built residence carries an air of historical significance, characterized by an enchantress entrance hall that leads into a commodious sitting room, a formal dining room, and a well-appointed kitchen on the ground floor. Additionally, the ambiance of old-world charm is complemented by practical facilities, including a cellar, garage, and a workshop with a boiler room in the basement—useful additions for those with an inclination towards crafting or automotive maintenance.

This principal house also features living accommodations on three levels, with four spacious bedroom suites, each with their own en-suite facilities on the first floor, and a blend of apartments and suites on the second, offering flexible living arrangements. The second dwelling is equally spacious and would benefit from cosmetic updates to truly shine, hosting an array of bedrooms and bathrooms that cater to family or guest use.

The third house, smaller yet cozy, includes essential amenities on the ground floor and additional bedrooms above, suitable for guest accommodation or potentially a caretaker's house.

Among the grounds, you will discover a collection of outbuildings that provide substantial additional space—ideal for storage, workshops, or could be converted into recreational areas. Central to outdoor life here is the fenced swimming pool area, where families and visitors alike can enjoy refreshing summers immersed in nature.

Bergeracin Aquitaine is not just about serene living but also about vibrant, local culture. The town is famed for its wine, with local vineyards offering tours and tasting sessions—a delightful experience for oenophiles. Bergerac’s weekly markets brim with local produce and crafts, providing a slice of French rural life that is both enchanting and real.

For those considering relocation or investment, Bergerac’s community is welcoming, with an array of cafes, boutiques, and restaurants that showcase the best of French regional cuisine. Families will find the area accommodating with schools and sports facilities that cater well to a younger demographic.

The climate here is typically continental with distinct seasons; warm summers perfect for enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, and cooler winters that invite cozy gatherings around a fireplace.

Potential buyers should note that while each building is structurally sound and retains a lot of characters, some areas of the property would benefit from updating and redecorating to bring them up to modern standards or to suit personal tastes. This presents a wonderful "fixer-upper" opportunity for those wishing to imprint their personal style or for investors looking to increase value through strategic renovations.

Property Features:
- 15 bedrooms
- 11 bathrooms
- Multiple living and dining areas
- Variety of outbuildings
- Swimming pool
- Expansive grounds (2 acres)
- Garage and workshop facilities

Living in a farmhouse in Bergerac offers a lifestyle steeped in natural beauty, historical richness, and community spirit—ideal for those escaping the city bustle or seeking a fruitful investment in France’s beloved Dordogne region. Exploring this property is a venture into possibilities, where each corner holds potential, and the pastoral backdrop inspires a peaceful yet productive way of life.


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