Charming 3BR House in La Guancha, Tenerife

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Canary Islands, Tenerife, La Guancha, Spain, La Guancha (Spain)

3 Bedrooms · 1 Bathrooms · 129Floor area


Country home

No parking

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms



No pool

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Nestled in the idyllic Canary Islands, Tenerife, in the municipality of La Guancha, Spain lies an enchanting three-bedroom country home, steeped in rustic charm and rich history. Bursting with potential and awaiting the right owner to fully realize its inherent splendor, this two-storey fixer-upper presents an exciting opportunity for the discerning homeowner and investor alike.

The property spans 129 sqm, and offer a fascinating layout—one kitchen, a cozy living room and three comfortable bedrooms. Greeting you upon entrance is a spacious hall, that ushers you up the stairs, opening into the home's intimate rooms. Ending on the ground floor, you step onto an elongated terrace spanning circa 10sqm—featuring a small private garden, a delightful green alcove set against the backdrop of your new home.


- Private territory
- Garden
- Spacious terrace
- Two-storey house
- Rustic charm

Property Features:

- 3 bedrooms
- 1 bathroom
- 2 floors
- 129 sqm Size
- Amazing views from both floors

From this terrace and the upper one, you'll find enchanting views of the local town and coast, amidst a verdant panorama dotted by the mesmerising view of Mount Teide on clear days. All of the conveniences of a close-knit small town are at your fingertips, while the tranquility of countryside living remains uncompromised. All this without enduring cumbersome long trips.

The property's upper part boasts a plot of approximately 50 sqm, a small oasis where citrus fruits to Paraguayos bloom, offering a direct connection to the heart of nature and waiting for you to put it to the best use.

Living in La Guancha means being part of a vibrant community that embraces a slower pace of life. The town brims with distinctive Spanish architecture and its age-old traditions are very much alive today. A satisfying blend of shops, restaurants, and cafes allow you to indulge in the local culture and cuisine without having to travel far from home.

Tenerife in the Canary Islands enjoys a beautiful subtropical climate with moderate rainfall and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The winters are mild and the summers are warm, but rarely excessively hot. This climate, combined with the fertile volcanic soil, makes the area ideal for agriculture, particularly vineyards, potato fields, and orchards, providing a fresh, hearty and healthy diet for its residents.

Immerse in the tranquillity of country living and wake up to the soothing rhythm of nature in this charming house, with the freedom to reform it according to your taste. The pleasure of living in direct contact with nature, with the azure sea in the horizon, amidst the mellifluous Tenerife weather are blissful luxuries that cannot be overstated.

At a compelling asking price of 78000 euros, this property is a tangible piece of the tranquil Spanish countryside dream within your grasp. It is worth noting, that the stated price does not include taxes or registry fees. Additionally, metered areas mentioned are approximate. Exact details, along with other potential costs, will be provided upon request.

Take a step to own this enchanting piece of rustic charm with potential for limitless possibilities. Transform this house, turning it into a home that is designed to your preference while celebrating traditional Spanish architecture and the serenity of countryside living.


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