Charming 1-Bedroom Village Home with Expansive Building Potential in Agia Triada, Crete

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Agia Triada, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, Messi (Greece)

1 Bedrooms · 1 Bathrooms · 48Floor area



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1 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms




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Nestled in the charming village of Agia Triada near Rethymnon on the picturesque island of Crete, Greece, resides a quaint one-bedroom village house that provides a unique opportunity for both residence and potential development. Positioned only 5 km from pristine sandy beaches and 8.5 km from the vibrant city of Rethymno, this property blends the tranquility of rural living with the convenience of city proximity.

Currently offered at a price of €120,000, this property includes a plot of land encompassing 1,662 square meters, presenting significant building potential with a residential allowance of up to 400 square meters. The existing house, covering a modest area of 48.68 square meters, requires renovation but holds charming potential for those interested in embracing a project. Its current layout features an open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining area, complete with a wood-burning stove and an air-conditioning unit, making it habitable during the renovation phases. Additionally, there is a separate 26-square-meter building that serves as storage space, offering practical solutions for organizing tools and materials during the refurbishment process.

This property is particularly appealing for expats and overseas buyers who are looking to immerse themselves in Greek culture while enjoying the creative and financial benefits of customizing their living space. Its dual access from a public asphalt road on two opposite sides, coupled with existing connections to water and electricity networks, simplifies the logistics of renovation work and future expansions.

Living in Agia Triada offers a dreamy blend of Cretan landscapes and cultural richness. Expansive olive groves and vineyards highlight the region’s agricultural heritage, which also means that residents can indulge in some of the freshest and most delightful Mediterranean cuisine. The proximity to Rethymnon, a city known for its historical architecture, vibrant marketplaces, and lively festivals, ensures that there are always activities to keep one engaged—be it exploring ancient ruins, shopping for local handicrafts, or attending cultural events.

The local climate is typical of the Mediterranean, featuring warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, making it an ideal location for those who appreciate a temperate weather pattern conducive to outdoor living and exploration throughout the year.

For families considering this property, the area provides a safe and nurturing environment with a friendly community spirit. Educational needs can be well met with several schools located in and around Rethymnon, which cater to various educational requirements including possibilities for international curricula, a priority consideration for expat families.

Property Features:
- One bedroom
- One bathroom
- Open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area
- Wood-burning stove
- Air-conditioning
- Separate storage building (26 square meters)
- Dual access from public asphalt roads
- Connected to water and electricity networks

Local Amenities:
- Close proximity to beaches (5 km)
- Near Rethymno city (8.5 km)
- Access to local markets and cultural sites
- Expansive options for local dining and agriculture
- Community-focused living with options for expat integration

In conclusion, this property is a canvas ready for transformation, perfect for those who cherish the opportunity to craft and customize their home while soaking in the delights of Cretan life. Whether it’s developing a family residence, creating a holiday home, or constructing a lucrative rental property, the potential here is only limited by one’s imagination. The real joy in this type of home comes from making it truly your own, from the ground up.


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