Charming 1 Bed Apt in Borgo Sogna, Tuscany

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Il Nido D'Amore, Borgo Sogna, Ambra, Tuscany, Italy, Bucine (Italy)

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Experience the allure of charming Il Nido D'Amore, a quaint apartment nestled in the heart of Borgo Sogna, Ambra, in the picturesque region of Tuscany, Italy. This delightful one-bedroom apartment offers an alluring glimpse into the tranquil Italian lifestyle, harmoniously intertwined with the captivating Tuscan countryside that stretches out over 12 enchanting hectares of land.

Il Nido d'Amore (lovingly known as the 'love nest') is a single-story apartment, spanning over a comfortable 44 square meters. This cozy dwelling boasts an open-plan kitchen/dining area that blends seamlessly into the sitting room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The functional kitchen boasts 'pietra serena' countertops, and double-glazed windows fitted with insect screens create a safe and comfortable living space.

Property Features:
- Open-plan kitchen/dining/sitting room
- Single bedroom
- Bathroom
- Double-glazed windows with insect screens
- 'Pietra serena' countertops in kitchen

An interesting aspect of this apartment is its location. Once a hamlet dating back to the 12th century, Borgo Sogna lay abandoned for over three decades until an ingenious architect brought it back to life, transforming it into a beautifully renovated settlement about 30 years ago. Today, residing in Il Nido D'Amore offers you the unique opportunity to be part of this historic, beautifully restored and well-maintained 20-property estate, which stands 420 meters above sea level.

The tranquil community of Borgo Sogna is generously endowed with shared amenities, which include a tennis court, sauna, and an attractively designed swimming pool, cleverly integrated into the natural terrain of the landscape. Each resident owns a proportional share of the surrounding land, which is dominated by wooded hills and graced with 700 olive trees.

- Shared tennis court
- Shared sauna
- Shared swimming pool
- Proportional shared ownership of surrounding land

Staying connected with the outside world is no difficult feat when living in this quaint property. The towns of Ambra and Bucine, both within a convenient driving distance, offer various services and restaurants to enjoy the delightful local cuisine. The motorway is a mere 15-minute drive away, making quick trips to the cities of Arezzo and Siena (both around 35 kilometers away) and Florence (65 kilometers away) appear almost effortless. The nearest train station is at Montevarchi, approx 23 kilometers away, with fast trains to Florence in about 45 minutes.

The climate in this region is typically Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This contributes to the abundant growth of olive trees, vineyards, and the breathtakingly radiant colors of the Tuscan landscape. Living here, you become part of the slow-paced Italian lifestyle, where life is savored and the beauty of nature is embraced.

The property does demand some ongoing maintenance expenses. A condo fee of around €1,000 per annum covers the upkeep of the grounds, olive grove, pool, tennis court, and other common areas. However, these costs are a small price to pay for the privilege of living in such a scenic and tranquil environment.

Il Nido D'Amore presents a wonderful opportunity to invest in a unique slice of Tuscan living. Its natural beauty, historical appeal, and central location make it an unmissable choice for lovers of Italy and its charmingly historic regions.


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This quaint 2-bedroom apartment is nestled in the heart of Monte San Giovanni Campano, a charming town located in the picturesque region of Lazio, Italy. This generous 83 living space, known as Casa Severina, provides potential buyers with the unique chance to restore and customize the interior according to their tastes and aesthetics. The apartment is found in an centuries-old palazzo, bearing the distinctive allure and charm that resonates through the historic center of Monte San Giovanni Campano. The rich history of the location is amplified by the famous adjacent Orione Castle and the stunning views it provides. The palazzo's structural exterior and roof are anticipated to undergo full restoration, ensuring a harmonious blend of authentic Italian character with reliable and updated infrastructure. Embracing an ambiance where time seems to have paused during the medieval era, the local environment is perfect for those who appreciate the blend of history and tranquility. Within short walking distance, one can find a myriad of renowned restaurants interspersed amongst beautiful squares, shops, and public transport services - all cocooned in an ambiance of silence, punctuated by breathtaking panoramic views that only heighten the property's desirability. The property features: - Three main rooms, one featuring an open fireplace - A compact kitchen - A bathroom - A large balcony offering panoramic views - A basement level cellar ideal for storage or bike/scooter parking Living in an apartment in Monte San Giovanni Campano presents the opportunity to immerse in a vibrant Italian community, savoring the simplicity of apartment life, with convenience at your fingertips and the beauty of Italian culture literally at your doorstep. Turning the lens to the larger region, Monte San Giovanni Campano lies in the heart of the Ciociaria region. Positioned roughly midway between Rome and Naples, the area boasts exceptional fertility, offering up a variety of recreational and sightseeing opportunities. The area presents an abundance of shopping and beach destinations, which are less than an hour's drive. Alternatively, the Abruzzo National Park is conveniently nearby, offering horse-trekking, swimming and skiing recreational options. Known as Italy's hidden gem, the Ciociaria region offers a blend of untouched beauty and medieval hilltop towns. Living in an area such as this, you'll find yourself immersed in over two thousand years of history, while relishing in the charms of rural Italian lifestyle. Here, you can discover the 'real' Italy, away from the bustling tourist cities, and still be less than ninety minute's journey from central Rome or its two airports. For a price of $75,000, this property is an ideal pick for overseas buyers seeking a second home, or those hoping to invest in a slice of serene, historic Italy. Please note: the apartment does not currently house a bathroom facility, requiring the installments to be carried out by the buyer during the apartment's renovation. However, this offers a unique opportunity for the purchaser to truly add their own personal touches to this home, making it a truly Italian retreat in the heart of Lazio.

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Introducing a lovely and practical two-bedroom apartment, nestled at the heart of one of Sicily's enchanting and most renowned hilltop towns, Erice. This captivating gem has been put on the market at a very attractive price. Housed in a century-old historical stone building, the apartment has an area of 70 square meters, making it a pleasantly wide space that caters to various needs, ranging from personal preference to functional utility. The apartment is located in Erice, a small town in the Trapani province of Sicily. Steeped in history, Erice has been a bastion of cultural, spiritual, and intellectual life since its settlement during the Bronze Age. This fortified medieval town offers fascinating panoramic views of the larger city, its port, and coastline. Over several generations, many have found Erice a mesmerising location for a vacation, even a permanent relocation given the community's warm and welcoming vibe. Living here gives you more than just the pros of life in an apartment in Sicily but a real slice of history at your doorstep. With its preserved medieval atmosphere, cobblestone streets, traditional pastry shops and local craft stores, Erice is an epitome of cozy living. The apartment is set right within this mosaic of life – making it all the more ideal for homeowners. Sicilian climate is arguably among the finest in the Mediterranean. Clear, sunny days never fail to add a shimmer to the Sicilian sea, while maintaining an incredible light and warmth for the majority of the year. Mild, short winters are often welcomed by the island’s inhabitants as a momentary respite from the island's nearly perennial sunny weather. The condition of the apartment is quite good, and maintenance has never been compromised since the property underwent a complete renovation at the beginning of the century. The apartment comes fully furnished with everything you need or could possibly want in a cozy home: • Hardwood Dining Table and Chairs • Elegant Wrought Iron Bedstead • Ample wardrobes and cupboards for storage • Fully-equipped kitchen, inclusive of a fridge-freezer, oven with gas hobs, and a washing machine Every room in the house, including the bedrooms and living room, opens onto street-facing balconies that provide a wonderful view of the town. As an added bonus, the roof terrace above offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding town and the enchanting blue Mediterranean Sea - just a few miles away. Accessibility-wise, the location is easily reached by car, bus or cable car, striking a seamless blend of antiquity with the modernity, affording you a unique connection to a place in which the past melds in with the now. To summarise, the property offers the following features: • Located in a historic stone building • Two street-facing balconies • Fully furnished rooms • Historical location • Breathtaking views from the roof terrace • Easily accessible by various transportation means • Close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea For the price of EUR 149,000, you gain more than just a charming spot to lay your head, but a genuinely historical and artistic dwelling that could be the perfect getaway or a potential new permanent residence. This is not just an invitation to own a property but an opportunity to be a part of Erice's enchanting history. With an abundance of charm exuding from every corner and a splattering of echoes from the past, this property is a real insider-tip for those seeking to experience the authentic Sicilian way of life.

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The climate in Montescudaio, as with most of Tuscany, is fairly mild with a good amount of sunshine and just enough rainfall to keep the landscape lush and beautiful. The winters can be a bit chilly and summer can get quite hot, however, the nearby sea helps moderate the temperature, making the climate pleasant year round. Living in the historic center of Montescudaio means experiencing the essence of Italy. It provides the chance to live surrounded by history, tradition, and culture, all while enjoying the warm Italian hospitality that makes the country so special. The daily life here is relaxed and peaceful, yet filled with small, meaningful details: morning coffee in the local square, browsing local products in the marketplace, enjoying home-cooked meals in the family-run trattorias, or taking leisurely strolls in the cobblestone streets, and best of all, relishing the breathtaking views that change with every season. Apartment living has its unique charm. In an apartment, you're part of a community yet you have your own private space. This apartment, with its blend of traditional Tuscan architecture and modern amenities, offers plenty of opportunities to make it your home. Property Features: - Independent entrance - Generous 75 sqm of living space - Breathtaking panoramic views - Spacious kitchen - Cozy living room with a wood-burning stove - Large master bedroom with a loft - Storage/laundry room - Windowed bathroom with a shower - Rustic features such as terracotta floors and exposed beams and rafters. Local Amenities: - Charming historic center - Proximity to the sea (10 km away) - Easy access to nearby medieval villages and historic cities - Mild climate - Scenic landscapes - Established community - Local markets and family-run businesses - Authentic Tuscan culture and traditions. Living in Montescudaio means being surrounded by history, culture, and nature, with the wonders of Tuscany easily accessible. The apartment's excellent condition and authentic character make it a warm and inviting home, perfectly situated in a setting that embodies the true spirit of Italy. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds: the tranquility of country living with the convenience of being close to the coast and a range of fascinating medieval towns. Experiencing its charm firsthand is sure to leave anyone enchanted with this unique piece of Italy. This 2 bedroom apartment in Montescudaio is ideal for anyone seeking a classic Italian lifestyle rich in history, beauty, and tranquility. Overall, this property is perfect for those interested in a blossoming life immersed in an inviting culture, a life filled with picturesque landscapes, satisfying gastronomy and vines and profound history at every turn. Listed at 145,000 Euros, this property offers not just a home, but an experience-rich lifestyle in one of Italy's most sought-after regions. Note: This is a previously loved home that is in good condition but may require minor touch-ups to cater to your specific taste.

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Introducing a striking four-bedroom country home located in Bucine, Arezzo – the charming heart of Tuscany, Italy. This historic property, dubbed "La Cinciallegra in Chianti Country House," proudly stands tall in a picturesque panorama right in the heart of the world-renowned Chianti Area. The location is within a manageable 35-minute distance from the remarkable city of Siena, thus offering the best of both worlds encompassing rustic country charm and vibrant city life. Built with beautiful stone in the late 1500, the house is replete with traditional Tuscan architectural features. Experience history and heritage throughout its stone façade, solid wood installations, and a rustic portico offering a beautiful view of the garden. The house, which spans an area of 360 square meters, has been thoughtfully renovated, maintaining its quintessential Tuscan charm and rustic allure. The house, while entirely comfortable, does leave room for personal touches, making it an excellent investment with the potential for tailoring it to specific tastes and preferences. The property comprises four bedrooms and three bathrooms spread across the two-story house, filled with terracotta floors and wooden-beamed ceilings. Sink into the bliss of a cozy fireplace while enjoying the soothing views from every window. The liveability further extends as its current structure houses three independent residences, hosting the potential for an assembly into a singular large dwelling. The outdoor spaces are just as inviting and visually arresting as the interiors. Your eyes will be treated to beautifully manicured gardens filled with aromatic local plant life and a round swimming pool offering picturesque views of the 500 olive trees. Future homeowners can entertain thoughts of launching a small vineyard, championing not just a new home but a new lifestyle deeply connected with the natural elements. Property Features: - Four bedrooms - Three bathrooms - Fully equipped kitchen - Fireplace - Independent residences - Olive grove with 500 trees - Garden and portico - Swimming pool Living in Bucine goes beyond just owning a property; it is about being a part of its celebrated history and embracing its inherent lifestyle centered around nature, good food, wine, and the arts. Bucine, like many other parts of Tuscany, enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with hot summers, mild winters, and all-year-round sunshine. The local area invites you to enjoy nature with peaceful walking trails among olive groves, vineyards, and woods. When you dwell in Bucine, you are steps away from history, culture, food, and nature. Tuscany's delectable cuisine, locally produced wine, world-class art, and history are universally celebrated, allowing you to immerse yourself in a lifestyle characterized by enjoyment and relaxation. The town itself is steeped in history, well endowed with buildings and artifacts dating back to the Etruscan and Roman periods. In essence, this country home is more than just a residential property; it's a gateway to the elegant Tuscan lifestyle in Italy's epitomic wine country. Its prime location, scenic setting, rustic charm, and potential for customization provide a great opportunity for overseas buyers seeking a second home or an investment property. This glistening gem is priced at 790000 Euros, reflecting its historical heritage, architectural charm, and splendid location. Experience the idyllic country life right here in the heart of Italy.

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Deep within the heart of the picturesque region of Tuscany, Italy, lies a genuinely remarkable property - a stunning, neo-medieval castle in Bucine, Arezzo. A unique jewel in the Tuscany crown, this magnificent property integrates several architectural styles, harmoniously blending in history and aristocratic grace within its walls. Constructed from 1901-1906, this splendid residence, Villa Coppodé, stands tall within a sprawling 320-acre estate. As you approach, architectural highlights like stone columns, artfully marbled bricks, and statues of majestic stone lions unequivocally catch your eye, reminiscent of iconic structures like the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena and Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Indoor features include intricate frescoes and wall paintings, rich with the memories of ancient Tuscan aristocracy. The villa dominates the landscape, spread over five floors, plus three additional levels within the tower, punctuated with two sizable panoramic terraces. Property Features: - 10 bedrooms - 9 bathrooms - Living room - Study room - Dining room - Spacious kitchen - Four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms - Separate guest bathroom - Serviced laundry - Ironing room - Cellars and technical rooms Journeying through the castle, you'll find yourself transported through time and space. The master entrance opens to the living room and study, flowing into a superbly frescoed covered veranda. A reception hall, dining room, second entrance, spacious kitchen, and guest bathroom complete the ground floor. The second floor comprises four well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and another frescoed veranda. The third and fourth floors offer additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Finally, the tower adds an elegance to the entire building, with three rooms perfect for a reading room, study, or an extra bedroom. The property undulates over 318 acres of bountiful agricultural land. Immersed within this stunning nature reserve are olive groves, arable land, mixed forest, and woodland - a rare and generous slice of Italian agrarian heritage. The property’s condition is remarkable for its age. In the 1990s some renovation was undertaken, returning many features to their original glory and bringing a comfortably modern touch to its fascinating history. While you're at home, the local area offers its own gems. The nearby town of Bucine is a traditional Tuscan township nestled within the rural landscape that offers all necessary amenities. This includes modern comforts and conveniences, charming cafes, and boutique shops to experience. Tuscany, renowned globally for its art, history, and breathtaking landscapes, has a mediterranean weather characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, just perfect for cultivating olives and grapes. The region is renowned for its hospitality, hearty cuisine and high-quality wines, a testimony to the region's agricultural fortitude. Living in Tuscany, you are within reach of Florence, Arezzo, Siena, and Chianti - all world-renowned destinations teeming with art, culture, and historical richness. In addition, this region stands as a protective sentinel over unique ecosystems, ranging from the rugged Apennine mountain range to the serene Tyrrhenian Sea coast. This substantial neo-medieval castle-style property, coupled with its prime location, offers tremendous potential. While it could make a fantastic private residence, its size and ambiance also provides the possibility to become a quaint country resort. Welcome to your Tuscan heaven, a place where history, culture, and tranquility saturate every brick and beam, creating an extraordinary life experience. Do not miss the unique opportunity to add a touch of Tuscan magnificence to your life.

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Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Italy with this sprawling 16 bedroom country house nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Rapolano Terme, Siena. This sizeable property, known as Casale Il Sol Levante, is brimming with potential, awaiting your personal touch to transform it into a dream home or an appealing retreat for travelers seeking a taste of the Tuscan countryside. The property is perched on a massive 1540 sq.m plot of land, offering an enveloping sense of tranquility. The residence is embedded in the midst of a lush greenery, enveloped by an intimate garden, an orchard with a vegetable patch, an olive grove, and a forest retreating into the horizon. Staying true to its roots, the house was crafted from natural stone, while the interior has echoes of Tuscan tradition with cotto bricks arches, vaulted ceilings, and very high exposed wooden beams. The traditional U shape layout fosters a sense of community, with inner courtyards acting as communal areas. While certain sections of the house have been restored, much of it requires a comprehensive refurbishment which offers an exciting opportunity to put your stamp on this impressive country home. This property features: - Three manor residences encompassing 13 bedrooms - A detached 1-bedroom guest cottage - Additional annexes to be revitalized and converted to expand living spaces. - Scope for in-ground pool installation, addition of new household systems, and incorporation of solar panels. The local area offers an authenticity of Tuscan life away from the hustle and bustle, where serenity reigns. The property is a stone's throw away from the village of Serre di Rapolano, adding the convenience of proximity to local amenities. The Siena-Bettolle motorway provides a seamless connection to must-visit sites such as Cortona, Montepulciano, and Siena. And for those enamoured with the fruits of the vine, the world-renowned vineyards of Chianti Classico are within easy reach. Furthermore, the location allows you to enjoy the best of Tuscany throughout the year. Sprawling landscapes of the Crete Senesi offer a panoramic view of the rolling hills, cloaked with rare historic churches and medieval settlements. For a rejuvenating retreat, the thermal hot springs of Rapolano Terme are a mere 10 minutes' drive and provide an inviting escape year-round. Last but not least, settling in this property also means being a part of Italy's rich climate tapestry. Tuscany is graced with a mild Mediterranean climate characterized by sunny, dry summers, and mild winters – perfect for alfresco dining, vineyard hikes or just basking in the sun-soaked landscape. Purchasing this unique property is not just about owning a piece of real estate; it's about embracing a lifestyle steeped in serenity, tradition, and rich history. Whether it's for private use or redevelopment into vacation homes, Casale Il Sol Levante promises to offer a transformative journey under the Tuscan sun.

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Welcome to an enchanting blend of history, tradition, and potential brought to you by this 4-bedroom country house for sale, situated in the heart of Tuscany, Siena, in the peaceful town of Rapolano Terme, Italy. Situated on a hilly position that offers splendid views of the stunningly serene countryside, the great Arches stone hamlet is an 18th-century rural marvel set in the historical Crete Senesi region. Its stone structures offer an exciting opportunity for an excellent fixer-upper project for those looking to breathe life into an Italian country-home dream. Within the idyllic surroundings is a wealth of appeal. You are a few kilometres from the historic center of Siena and the famous hot thermal springs of Rapolano Terme and within reach of Italy's most celebrated Chianti wineries. The property was originally part of an important high Middle Ages feudal estate and traces its origins back to the late 1700s. The hamlet consists of two farmhouses and three independent annexes totalling roughly 2100 sq m/sq ft. The farmhouses are two-story buildings with the old stables and deposits on the ground floor, which boasts original terracotta vaulted ceilings. The first floor houses the former dwellings with gabled roofs, featuring high ceilings with wooden beams. PROPERTY FEATURES: - Total building surface - 2100 sqm/sqft - 4 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms - Original farmer dwellings - Old stables and deposits - Two-story stone structures - Three separate annexes - Terracotta vaulted ceilings - High ceilings with wooden beams - Large arched openings AMENITIES: - Close to the A1 motorway - Water from the public aqueduct - Private well - Electricity connection - Proximity to telephone line and methane gas pipeline The backdrop truly captures the tranquility and peace of the countryside, where every season offers a different, yet equally beautiful, landscape. Whether it’s the spring bloom, summer's golden rays, autumn's vibrant colours, or winter's gentle snow - every day feels like a painted masterpiece in this part of Italy. Life in Rapolano Terme allows you to enjoy Italy's picturesque landscape, indulge in its interest-packed history and savour the world-renowned wine and food. The country house, though needing renovation, is filled with potential. It represents an opportunity to create a place full of charm, history, and tradition. It could perfectly serve as an exclusive private residence, an agricultural farm, or tourist accommodation and country resort, depending on your dreams and business ideas. Furthermore, the three hectares of land surrounding the hamlet consists of mainly arable land and woodland, which can be expanded further on request. The detached farm annexes also provide additional potential for restoration and conversion. With such a parcel of land, the possibilities are endless - traditional vineyards, organic farming, or even equestrian facilities for the horse-riding enthusiast. In a nutshell, investing in this rural hamlet is more than a real estate venture; it's embarking on a lifestyle filled with tranquility, culture, good food, great wine, and a sense of community that is uniquely Tuscan. Come home to Tuscany, Italy, and build your dream country house among the captivating landscapes of Rapolano Terme. The price for transforming this historic hamlet into your personal paradise is $1,150,000. Transform, evolve and write a new story for this beloved property. Please note, the property requires a complete structural renovation due to deterioration from being left vacant over the years. Yet, its character and charm remain intact, waiting for someone to bring it back to life. Ultimately, a country home goes beyond bricks and stones. It's a relaxing retreat, a place to cherish the calmer side of life, instilled with the laid-back Italian lifestyle, and an opportunity to be at one with nature. It's your refuge from the hassiness of city living. This country home in Rapolano Terme promises all these and more! So, why wait? Jumpstart your Italian dream today.

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Steeped in history yet touched with a modern touch, this 8-bedroom country house located in the heart of Lucignano, Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy, offers potential buyers an enticing combination of rustic charm and contemporary convenience. The property, a historic rural building from the 1500s, has been artfully expanded and fully restored in 2002 to encapsulate its heritage. Situated in the rolling hills of the Valdichiana, positioned strategically between Siena and Arezzo, the property offers panoramic views of the breathtaking Tuscan landscape. The property's position is not just superb for its vista but also its geographical convenience, as it's proximal to influential Italian cities such as Arezzo, Siena, Perugia, Cortona, the Trasimeno area and stirring Val d’Orcia. Living in Lucignano means experiencing an area rich with arts, culture, and authentic Italian living. This town is characterized by its perfectly elliptical square, unique in the world. Local eateries serve a vast range of traditional Tuscan dishes, perfect for whetting the appetite on an evening out. The area also hosts a wide range of activities throughout the year, from art exhibitions to food and wine festivals. Tuscany is blessed with a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Your slice of this world, the country home in Lucignano, has over 300 days of sunshine a year, ideal for enjoying its outdoor amenities all year round. Going past the stone façade, the interior takes you on a journey back in time - the exposed wooden beams, terracotta floors, and brick arches originating from the 1500s truly evoke the essence of the Tuscan style. The property spans two levels, currently partitioned into 3/4 apartments that can be easily integrated. Both the ground and first floors enjoy living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, making the property flexible for either single-family use or an advantageous investment for leasing. Amenities: • Ample living spaces • Eight bedrooms • Four bathrooms • Two fully fitted kitchens Property features: • Historic rural building with modern restoration • Two-levels • Panoramic position • Typical Tuscan style architecture and interior design features Even beyond the confines of the interior, the surroundings host a range of amenities set to enhance the Tuscan living experience. The outdoors features a lush 6000 meters square garden dotted with cypresses, oaks, and pines that add to the serene environment of the estate. A sizable swimming pool of 14x8 square meter awaits the residents for a soothing dip under the Tuscan sun. Furthermore, this estate boasts a garage, a woodshed, and a 120 meters square tool shed that could potentially serve as a caretaker's house. There is also an option to augment your purchase with the acquisition of an additional five hectares of land surrounding the property, subject to negotiation. The country home provides the perfect sanctuary for those in search of peace and tranquility while still not being completely isolated. Its prime location is within easy reach of essential services, enabling comfortable living while enjoying the rural ambiance. In conclusion, this unique property with its rustic charm and modern convenience stands as an exemplary illustration of Tuscian countryside living. Encapsulating the essence of Tuscan serenity while offering potential for lucrative rental opportunity, this country home presents an attractive investment or comfortable living for those appreciating the unique blend of Italian heritage and contemporary lifestyle.

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Welcome to the heart of Tuscany - the charming settlement of Terranuova Bracciolini. This region, cloaked in history and splendor, is renowned for its scenic landscapes - vineyards stretching to the horizon, timeless olive groves, and towering oak woods. Steeped in cultural significance and natural beauty, this region, near the Balze, has served as inspiration for countless artists, even featuring as the enchanting backdrop for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Crisscrossed with quaint paths, the journey to this Italian villa introduces you to the vestiges of an ancient era, such as the Castello di Campogialli, a small village that has survived the passage of time since the 1100s. The tranquillity of this setting fosters an atmosphere that feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The villa itself, a cornerstone of this serene landscape, aligns with the nature-infused charm of Tuscany. Built in the 90s, the three-level architectural masterpiece sports a traditional Tuscan design, replete with yellow ocher plastered facades, wooden shutters, and a roof adorned with terracotta tiles and bricks. Here are its features: - 4 spacious bedrooms - 2 well-equipped bathrooms - A sprawling 346 sqm living space - An enormous living area that extends to a dining area - An additional living room with a fireplace, which can also serve as a guest bedroom - A detached outbuilding that serves as a guesthouse with an additional bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette - A fully functional kitchen - An attic designed as an open area hosting a study with bookshelves, a music corner, and a space for yoga - A vast, well-maintained garden park of about 3 hectares, home to stately trees and historic oaks - A swimming pool that serves as a private oasis - The bonus of photovoltaic panels and a latest-generation pellet boiler for energy efficiency - Ample space for a garage and storage - A price tag of €680,000 Area Amenities: - The delightful wine vineyards of the Ferragamo Winery right at the villa's perimeter - The historic Castello di Campogialli, just a stroll away - The striking yellow geological structures of the nearby Balze - The green lawns of the attached park, an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation - Pristine swimming pool for cooling off during warm summer days Life in this good-condition villa embraces the ebb and flow of the local climate. The warm summers and mild winters of Tuscany mean that you can enjoy outdoor living for most of the year. From meals al fresco under the Tuscan sun to leisurely strolls in the surrounding lush greenery through every season, this property offers a lifestyle imbued with the rhythms of nature. The villa caters not only as a private residence but also serves as a welcoming host for tourists keen on taste-testing the Tuscan lifestyle. So, if you're considering an investment property, keep in mind that this villa, with its additional bedroom and kitchenette, is poised to house guests looking to holiday in this idyllic Italian setting. To conclude, the villa encapsulates the essence of Tuscany - a priceless combination of elegance, history, and serenity. Its prime location and thoughtful architecture make it an ideal choice for those seeking a sanctuary in the alluring Italian countryside. Despite its old-world charm, the villa also underscores modern sustainability practices, helping maintain low energy costs throughout the year. So, for overseas buyers yearning for a piece of Italian paradise, this villa stands as a beacon of everything extraordinary that Tuscany has to offer. Be prepared to fall in love with this piece of Tuscany and make unforgettable memories, one sunset at a time.

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Welcome to Casale Il Poggio, your soon-to-be 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom country house, nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Located in the charming town of Trequanda, Siena, this residence is perfect for those seeking tranquility amidst Italy's stunning rural landscape, away from bustling city centers. The size of this countryside gem is roughly 327 square meters, protecting your privacy while providing ample space for comfortable living. Offered at £1,150,000, this is an investment you won't regret. What makes Casale Il Poggio so special goes beyond its stone walls - it's the history it holds. Most likely constructed in the 1700s, this relic perfectly conserves original architectural features. You'll appreciate its broad arches, loggia on the first floor, and delightful terracotta finishes that lend a charming Tuscan vibe. Wander around, and you'll notice the various historical elements that add to the home's character. You can imagine baking pizzas in the age-old wood-burning oven and exploring the former stable that has been converted into two one-bedroom flats. Property features: * 4 bedrooms * 3 bathrooms * Size: 327 square meters * A characteristic loggia * Historical wood-burning oven * Converted stables * Bright veranda with living area * Charming terracotta staircase * Lovely terrace * Fenced garden with tall trees and an olive grove As the new owner, you would have several exciting spots around the vicinity right at your fingertips. The panoramic position gives you a bird's eye view over the Val d'Orcia, and the Crete up to the towers and bell towers of Siena to the west and Montalcino to the south. The property is just 1.5 kilometers from the village of Trequanda where the locals greet everyone with a warm 'Buongiorno!' and where you can find various shops and essential services. Living in Tuscany is like stepping into a painting. The climate is generally mild with hot summers. The cool, breezy evenings become perfect for dining alfresco. The winters can be cold, but when snow falls, it transforms the landscape into a frost-kissed beauty. The local area is best known for its local markets, vineyards, and organic food festivals. For the culinary explorers, there are eno-gastronomic destinations worth exploring, offering a peek into Italy's rich history and culture. Renowned for its pasta, bread, and beans, this region's cuisine reflects its agricultural roots. Not to mention the world-class wine that this region is known for, with vineyards dotting the hillsides. Your neighbors will be a balanced mixture of locals and expatriates attracted by Tuscany's allure. Many of whom you'll meet in cooking classes, wine tastings, and local festivals - a great way to make you feel welcomed into the community. Though already in good condition, there's always room for personalization in this country home, allowing the new owners to weave their preferences into the existing setup. The sizable fenced garden is lush with mature trees and an olive grove, offering potential for new landscaping projects or the addition of an in-ground pool. In summary, Casale Il Poggio is an irresistible package of history, charm, comfort, potential, and location. Whether you're planning on residing year-round, or for holiday periods, this property allows you to live your Italian dream.

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Embrace the tranquil charm of life in Tuscany, Italy with this elegant 3-bedroom semi-detached house in the idyllic setting of Marciano della Chiana, Arezzo. This beautiful dwelling promises an easy living, with it's 170 sqm layout that flows leisurely across two floors and is also in a very good condition. As you step inside this house, you are welcomed with an inviting open plan living area on the ground floor. Here, the kitchen, dining, and living room all unite to form a heart-warming space for family interactions and entertaining guests. The ground floor also features a welcoming foyer, a practical hallway and a contemporary shower room. How about some outdoor fun? The front and rear patios, effortlessly connecting via French doors, make for an ideal al fresco dining space. Upstairs, you will find a central hallway leading to three charming bedrooms that offer both comfort and ample storage space. Make use of a convenient walk-in closet/store room and two full bathrooms that guarantee daily refreshment in style. But there's more. This property comes with a valuable additional outbuilding which offers multifunctional use. Outdoors, you will be encompassed by a large bit of open sky on your 2.5-acre garden. This sprawling space is fenced and equipped with automatic gates for maximum security and convenience. Property Features: - Open plan Ground floor living with outdoor eating areas (front and rear). - Large Garden (Approximately 2.5 acres) - Fenced lawn with automatic gates - Three bedrooms - Three bathrooms - Size: 170m^2 - Additional outbuilding - Recently remodeled Marciano della Chiana, Arezzo is characteristic of a typical Tuscan setting, with rich history reflected on its castle ruins and ancient walls. This area is easily accessible and close to a whole host of amenities. You're never too far from local markets, bakeries, cafés and restaurants where you can get a true taste of Italian cuisine. Living in Italy, especially in Tuscany, immerses you in a natural paradise consisting of serene landscapes and vineyards. The region has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers can be hot and dry, but are often cooled by the breeze, while winters are moderately cold, offering a distinct contrast across four seasons. The locals are friendly and welcoming, strengthening the sense of community. The gentle pace of life here is a breath of fresh air if you're looking for a slow and serene lifestyle, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Living in a home in this region offers a unique experience. First, there's the charm of Italian architecture, and the inviting warmth of Tuscay's climate. Second is the unhurried rhythm of daily life that lets you taste and appreciate every moment. As a non-resident buyer, certain purchase costs will apply. These include taxes and fees estimated at E. 12,000, while notary fees are roughly around E. 3,000. Please note these costs vary and should always be factored in when considering the overall affordability of the property. This house is indeed the right choice if you covet an easy-to-maintain, move-in-ready home, close to amenities and a warm local community. Experience the captivating allure of Tuscy, and make this stunning Italian home your very own. Witness firsthand the splendor of the Val di Chiana vistas and immerse yourself in the charm and elegance of this beautiful part of Italy.

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Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Italy with this sprawling, 7-bedroom country home situated in the heart-catching Tuscan countryside. Located in the province of Siena, Sinalunga, this heavenly abode offers an unparalleled connection to Italy's heartland. A slice of Italian culture and lifestyle wrapped up in a beautiful residential package, this country house awaits its fortunate new owner. Being in a good condition, you can find yourself at home amidst the comforts of an Italian dwelling and the embracing arms of the Tuscan countryside. The home sprawls over an impressive 450 sqm and comes with an appealing price tag of 590,000 euros. The house, called Casale San Bernardino, is situated in the Val di Chiana region, a southeastern portion of Siena. It resides in close proximity to the picturesque Cortona and the enchanting Lake Trasimeno. This region holds the house within its rolling hills, culminating in panoramic views that will take your breath away. Amidst this lush, verdant landscape, the house finds its firm place and will surely be an ideal 'home away from home' for those looking to connect with the real Italy. This stone country house retains the idyllic characteristics of ancient Tuscan farmhouses. A perfect blend of tradition and comfort, it features an outdoor loggia with a wood-burning oven – an ideal spot to relish beautiful summer evenings. The house is flanked by a garden with a swimming pool, exuding a strong sense of tranquility and peace. Property features include: - 7 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - A spacious 450 sqm layout - An outdoor loggia with wood-burning oven - A garden furnished with a swimming pool - An annex and agricultural land - Vineyard and olive grove The ground floor of the house, renovated to maintain its original cross-vaulted ceilings, houses an expansive open-plan space comprising an L-shaped living room that flows into a kitchen with modern amenities and an inviting dining area. It also holds three beautifully furnished bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first floor of the house, still in its rustic state, offers a chance to the new owner to leave their mark on the property. While it requires modernization, it still exudes an irresistible Tuscan charm with its high wooden-beamed ceilings. Additionally, the property includes a two-level annex, which can be converted into a separate guest cottage, further amplifying the home's potential. Living in the region of Sinalunga means experiencing all four seasons in their full glory. Winters are generally mild and brief while summers are long, dry and hot, featuring clear, blue skies, perfect for outdoor activities. The local area is abundant with selections of exquisite local cuisine, renowned wineries, renowned cultural landmarks and incredibly friendly locals, providing an enriching lifestyle. In summary, Casale San Bernardino merges the best of both worlds – the comfort of a ready-to-live residence and the potential for improvements and customization. Whether you plan to use it for private purposes or as a lucrative investment property for hosting tourists, the prospects are plentiful. Experience the joy of Italian living within the invigorating embrace of the Tuscan countryside at Casale San Bernardino.

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Welcome to the picturesque region of Figline e Incisa Valdarno, nestled deep in the heart of stunning Tuscany, Italy. This charming, 6-bedroom farmhouse currently available for purchase exudes rustic Italian charm and holds immense potential for those yearning to create their dream home abroad. This farmhouse has been respectful of its rich history with the external walls and parts of the internal structure highlighting the original stone structure. Moreover, the roof boasts waterproofing and insulation. Although this property is in good condition, it still retains its character as a longstanding Tuscan farmhouse, uniting the old with the new seamlessly. On the ground floor, the living area is spread across five large spaces. Immediately you'll notice the kitchen and dining room, where a fireplace and direct access to the panoramic terrace and the garden make for intimate, cozy family dinners or lively events with friends. The ground floor also has another large room with a fireplace; the perfect setting for family gatherings during Italy's cooler months. On this floor, you will also find two more rooms yet to be completed, providing an exciting opportunity for future customization. Moving up to the first floor, there are two bedrooms accompanied by another large living room offering panoramic views of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. The bathroom is also located on this floor along with two more rooms waiting to be renovated. One of the great advantages of this property is the potential for two separate living units. The layout lends itself to having separate independent entrances which further enhances the flexibility and potential of the property. This farmhouse comes with 500 square meters of land, partially curated as a quaint garden and partly as a private courtyard giving direct access to the main entrance. Moreover, several outbuildings are on the property, providing further potential to be converted into garages, storage rooms, or possibly small guest houses. This property is situated within charming Figline Valdarno, offering a fluid blend of quaint Italian life combined with modern convenience. The city is alive with small shops, cafes, restaurants, and a weekly market that's beloved by locals. Not to mention, Florence, the capital of the famed Tuscany region, is only an hour's drive away. Not only does Tuscany offer incredible cuisine and rich history, but its climate is also unparalleled. Summers are typically hot and dry, while winters are mild, making it a delightful place to live year-round. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually and a gentle breeze from the Tyrrhenian Sea, every day in Tuscany feels like a vacation. Investing in a country house in Figline e Incisa Valdarno, provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Italian culture, especially the slow-paced, charming farm life. Think of waking up to the sound of roosters crowing, enjoying fresh produce straight from your vegetable garden, and living life at a serene, leisurely pace. Live out your dream of enjoying a peaceful, yet vibrant life in a Tuscan farmhouse. Whether it be a family home, an idyllic holiday getaway, or a rental property, this beautiful 6-bedroom farmhouse is ready and waiting to become your own slice of Italian paradise. Amenities: - Panoramic Terrace - Private Courtyard - Garden - Outbuildings Property Features: - 6 Bedrooms - Living area across five rooms - Kitchen with fireplace - Dining room with direct access to the terrace and garden - Additional large room with fireplace - 2 Uncompleted rooms on the ground floor - Large living room with a panoramic view on the first floor - Bathroom on the first floor - 2 further uncompleted rooms on the first floor - Potential to divide the property into two separate units - 500 square meter property - Listed at 520,000 euros

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Nestled in the heart of Siena, in the mesmerizing region of Tuscany, Italy, stands this multi-storied residence with its own roof garden, offering stunning views of Torre del Mangia - the main city tower. The property is perfectly placed within the most authentic district of the city, just a short walk from Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, encapsulating the essence of Siena's rich historical fabric. Born at the end of the Renaissance era in 1550, this home has artfully retained the grandeur and charm of its unique cultural heritage. The dwelling spans across an impressive area of about 432 square meters. Upon entering, visitors are met by a picturesque inner courtyard housing a nineteenth-century garden adorned with a charming fountain and statues. A double-style stair leads up to a panoramic terrace offering breathtaking views of the city's terracotta rooftops, historical churches, and the verdant countryside that encompasses the city's walls. The most striking feature of the dwelling is its remarkable variety of ceilings - whether vaulted, frescoed, or adorned with rustic wooden beams and terracotta tiles. Each room offers a unique character and charm, portraying a different element of historical Siena. On the ground floor, a timeless living room is characterized by exposed terracotta arches, capturing the quintessence of traditional Italian architecture. Located close to a number of key city amenities: - A city car garage - The university - Large city parks - World-class museums - The Accademia Musicale Chigiana A substantial feature of this beloved home includes six bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two of which provide direct access to the terrace. The house also boasts living areas adorned with period style that only add to its charm. Living in Siena, in an apartment-like setting, provides a comfortable and culturally rich experience, further enriched by the friendly camaraderie of the city's warm and inviting residents. The cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, mouthwatering local food, and fabulous weather are a testament to the very essence of the Italian quality of life, mirroring the spirit of the very house in question. The climate here delivers a palette of distinct and pleasant seasons, wonderfully warm and dry summers, and typically cool to cold winters. Despite occasional showers, autumn and spring maintain their crisp charm, making this city a year-round destination. The flat is well-maintained and boasts of good condition. Its high architectural and historical value, complimented with unique characteristics, makes it the perfect choice as a private residence for a family. It is equally suitable to host travelers and tourists, offering a taste of authentic Siena life during their stay in the city. Living in such a property is akin to living within the heart of Italian history and culture, yet with all the modern commodities within arm's reach. The local areas offer a vibrant lifestyle with plenty of shopping, dining, and sight-seeing opportunities. Moreover, for music lovers, living in this district would be particularly enchanting, as the Accademia Musicale Chigiana hosts classical music concerts in the summer evenings, filling the district with a melodious serenade; a real treat for the senses. In conclusion, this property is more than just a home, it's a lifestyle. A chance to live and breathe history while experiencing the vibrant Italian culture, undeniably one of the best in the world. For the price of 700,000 Euros, it’s a small price to pay for a slice of Italian life.

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Tucked away amidst the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany in Italy, we present a truly delightful Italian villa that forms the epitome of picturesque, peaceful living. Located in the elegant and storied city of Siena, this charming villa nestles just above the cosy little town of Reggello affording breath-taking, south facing vistas over the town towards the verdant Valdarno. Replete with the rustic charm of traditional Tuscan architecture coupled with the comforts of modern restoration, this captivating villa spans over two generous floors, measuring altogether around 260 sqm. The restoration work in 2007 has left it in good condition and the property is now primed for potential buyers seeking a tranquil retreat to call home in beautiful Tuscany. Amenities: - 4 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms - Large double living room - Dining room - Fully equipped kitchen - Laundry room - Bassotto (wood burning stove) - Underfloor heating - Split air conditioning system throughout - Pellet stove in master suite - Open fireplace in lounge - Solar power system - Mains water supply - City gas central heating - Stone annex - Two wooden sheds The villa comfortably accommodates four bedrooms including a large master suite with an ensuite bathroom that includes a shower and Turkish bath. The suite also boasts a convenient dressing area and a door leading to the upper rear garden. The ground floor comprises a large double living room with an open fireplace and several doors leading to the garden and loggia, adding to an atmosphere of seamless indoor-outdoor living. The dining room equipped with a fireplace is perfect for hosting intimate dinner parties. The fully equipped kitchen will impress any home cook and opens onto a large paved dining terrace. The bathroom, laundry room, and several storage areas complete the ground floor amenities. The first floor is not to be outdone with three more bedrooms, two more bathrooms, and a study that could also function as an additional bedroom. This study even has a door to a terrace overlooking the lush lawn garden. Around the villa, you will be immersed in a sprawling 1Ha garden, lovingly manicured and sown with 100 olive trees. Stone walls accommodate a secret rose garden, a vegetable patch, and a quaint little stream running along the northwest side of the property. The garden features a loggia offering shaded seating and dining to enjoy Italy’s famously warm and sunny Mediterranean climate all year round. Adding to the charm is a 9 sqm stone annex that could make a charming artist's studio or even a quaint guest suite. There are also two wooden sheds perfect for storing garden tools or additional storeroom space. Living in Siena promises an authentic experience of life in Italy. With its alleys, squares, towers, and historic buildings, Siena is an absolute gem in the heart of Tuscany. As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is rich in history, with countless sites and attractions to visit. Easy commutes include Florence 40km away, Arezzo 58km, Greve in Chianti 30km, and even Rome at a distance of 256km. The property is within walking distance to the town of Reggello, where local shops and services are easily accessible. This charming town offers a slice of idyllic Tuscan life, with friendly locals, traditional Italian cuisine, and beautiful vistas. This property is much more than just a villa - it's a lifestyle choice and an investment. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat in Europe’s famous wine country or a family home that radiates warmth and comfort, this Tuscan villa awaits your discovery. Listed at an asking price of €895,000, this is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Italian history in a picturesque locale. An Italian lifestyle awaits you!

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Welcome to the captivating land of Tuscany, specifically, Siena, where nestled amidst the serene landscape, you will find an enchanting country home waiting for you. This home was once owned by a renowned French artist, who spent many blissful hours turning it into a haven of creativity and tranquillity. The property is just a few miles away from the city of Siena, a medieval city known for its historic beauty, unique culture, and delicious cuisine. Living in Siena means embracing the Italian lifestyle, taking part in traditional festivals like Il Palio, witnessing the city’s beautifully preserved Gothic architecture and, not to forget, tasting some of the best wines in the entire country. The climate in Siena blends delightfully with the home's countryside location. You will witness warm, sun-filled summers and relatively mild winters, allowing you to enjoy gardening, vineyard visits, and walks in the Tuscan environment virtually all year round. This semi-detached country home offers a generous 520 square meters of space, artfully arranged over two stories. The home comprises: • 6 beautifully designed bedrooms • 5 well-appointed bathrooms • 2 versatile studio spaces • A grand living room featuring a cozy fireplace and double-height ceiling • 2 fully-equipped kitchens with dining areas • A delightful cellar in the basement • A pool for relaxing and refreshing dips on warm summer days The property’s exterior is quite scenic and inviting. Imagine yourself dining al fresco under the outdoor loggia on sunny afternoons, overlooking the panoramic views of Siena's rolling hills and historic bell towers. This outdoor space is not just for show; the orchard and olive grove that come with the property produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil for family use. While this house is in good condition and ready to move into, it encourages personal touches to enhance its artistic charm even further. It's an opportunity to create your picturesque dwelling infused with heart and creativity. Other outdoor features include: • A meticulously cared for private garden • An in-ground pool with a paved sundeck • A shower/changing room The land also features a barn that may be transformed into a guesthouse or a quaint cottage, adding to the appeal and versatility of the property. The home's strategic location benefits from the quiet, calm, and serenity of the Italian countryside while still being a stone's throw away from the services of the city. You have the best of both worlds – the rustic allure of rural Italy combined with Siena's vibrant city life. Living in a country home is a unique experience. Here you can build close connections with the local community, participate in agricultural activities, and immerse yourself in nature. The Italian countryside is famous for its gastronomy, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic regional cuisine – meals made with fresh, local ingredients paired perfectly with a glass of local Tuscan wine. A home in Siena also means access to the world-class healthcare system of Italy. If you have school-going children, you will be delighted to know that Italy places a high emphasis on education. From primary to higher education, Italy offers excellent facilities and services. For the discerning overseas buyer, Siena is not just a city but a lifestyle. With its vibrant art scene, rich history, and gastronomic delights, Siena is a city where life is lived at a leisurely pace and savored – just like a good wine. So, if you're looking for a country home that guarantees ‘La Bella Vita’, this cozy artist's abode in Siena, priced at 950,000 Euros, is your slice of Italian paradise. Please note for reference: This property was initially constructed in the 1800s and last restored in 2000 with added roof isolation. It comprises a two-story semi-detached country house and a one-story barn, both charmingly framed by a healthy olive orchard.

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Welcome, international buyers, to a remarkable opportunity nestled in the rich history and captivating landscapes of Italy. Situated in the scenic city of Montepulciano, in the province of Siena, Tuscany, lies a charming two-bedroom apartment just waiting for you to call it home. This exceptional property, dating back to the 1600s, is your gateway to both history and the unparalleled charm of Italian life. At approximately 100 square meters, this spacious apartment stretches over two comfortable levels. The ground floor is the heart of the home, hosting a cosy living room, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring the surrounding vineyards or historic sites. The first floor is where you'll find the rest of this unique dwelling. It's here the kitchen, two inviting bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathrooms, and a delightful terrace are based. The terrace, at an impressive 25 square meters, presents endless opportunities. It is not just a place to enjoy a morning espresso or an alfresco dinner under the Italian sun; it serves as a passage to a private studio accessible by staircase. The studio is a brilliant space for indulging in hobbies, establishing a home office, or simply retreating from the world. As an added benefit, this property has a generous cellar spanning about 56 square meters with a private entrance. This space could be used for wine storage, a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts based in one of Italy's prime wine regions. Amenities featured in this property include: - Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms - Terrace - Private studio - Large Cellar - Living room - Kitchen The property features: - Size: 100 sqm - Historical building from the 1600s - Located in picturesque Montepulciano - Two levels - Two bathrooms - City-supplied water and heating Living in Montepulciano is akin to dwelling within the pages of a history book adorned with the quaint charm of Italian culture. This city offers an array of medieval and Renaissance architecture, holding intrigue for history buffs. It's also valued for its close proximity to university cities like Florence and Pisa. The climate in this region is typically Mediterranean, offering mild and wet winters with hot, dry summers. Cozy in the cooler seasons, yet bright and vibrant in the warmer months, it offers the best of both seasons. Living in an apartment in this historical city centre offers a unique lifestyle- a blend of bustling Italian life and the tranquil solitude of your own space. Adaptable to both quiet introverts and outgoing personalities, it allows for interaction when desired and privacy when needed. The property's location provides immediate proximity to local markets, rustic restaurants, and enchanting boutiques. Being in good condition, this property offers convenient move-in readiness. However, there is plenty of scope for personal touches and customisations to make the space truly your own. Whether a holiday home, investment, or a full-time residence, at a reasonable price of 300,000 euros, this Montepulciano apartment is a chance to own a slice of Italian paradise. Welcome to your dream Italian life, made real.

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Presenting an attractive and charming four-bedroom detached villa situated in the quaint hamlet of Garliano, nestled amidst the rustic Italian province of Tuscany, Arezzo, Castel San Niccolò. This delightful residence sits in the embrace of nature, offering a sprawling expanse of over an acre of garden, presenting a promising prospect for overseas buyers seeking classic Italian luxury imbued with a touch of rustic beauty. This residence provides an impressive 290m2 of accommodation across three floors, cleverly linked not only by stairs but also an elevator, thus adding a touch of modern convenience to the historic charm. The ground floor proudly presents a cosy 65m2 self-contained apartment, which includes a bedroom, lounge, and bathroom, and various additional rooms used as a cantina. The added luxury of a spacious double garage confirming nearly 90m2 cannot be overlooked. Both superb convenience and scenic beauty are combined on the first floor, boasting a large living area complete with a wood-burning fireplace and a well-equipped kitchen that lead out onto a majestic terrace that boasts panoramic views. There is also a master bedroom with a bathroom, an additional bedroom with an exit onto a loggia that's around 8m2, and a further bathroom. On the uppermost floor, find comfort in a spacious living area with featured exposed beam ceilings, a study that holds a breathtaking view, thanks to two large windows, an additional bedroom, a bathroom with access to a quaint terrace, and a storage room. The outside area is truly breathtaking, spanning about 5000m2, fully fenced and adorned with a canvas of captivating views. There is ample space to add a swimming pool, subject to planning permission. Property Features: - 4 bathrooms - 4 bedrooms - Exposed beams - Wood-burning fireplace - Spacious living areas - Terrace with panoramic views - Double garage - Solar panelling - Elevator Living in the soothing rural setting of Tuscany, Arezzo, Castel San Niccolò offers a tranquil respite from city life. The area is prized for its unique blend of rich cultural heritage, rustic charm and picturesque landscapes. The property is conveniently located just an hour away from the vibrant city of Florence, opening opportunities for day trips soaking in art, history and Italian cuisine. The climate in Castel San Niccolò is typically Mediterranean, with wet winters and hot, dry summers. It is perfect for those who appreciate warmer climates and love spending time outside. The property offers an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts, with the potential to sculpt the sizeable garden into a personal haven. Influenced by Italy's traditional architecture, living in a villa such as this allows for a unique lifestyle experience, where tradition meets comfortable modern living. It presents the luxury of space and privacy, and the potential for modification and personalisation. This villa, a fixer-upper-in-wait, is in excellent condition and is easily adaptable, promising the opportunity to craft your dream home. This awe-inspiring villa is ideal for those looking to savour the delights of Italian life, either full-time or as an occasional retreat. Equally, there is excellent potential for rental income, given the timeless draw of Tuscany as a tourist destination. The proximity to all amenities, the opportunity for modification, coupled with the magnificence of the landscape and the tranquil ambiance of the location, makes this property a beautiful prospect for a home away from home. Embark on a timeless journey in the heart of Italy, unlocking not just a house but a lifestyle intertwined with leisure, culture, and calm. Experience the warmth of the Italian sun and the comfort of the cool green shade right here in the idyllic canvas of Castel San Niccolò.

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Indulge in the Tuscan charm of this meticulously renovated villa, nestled in the picturesque hills of Montepulciano, Siena. The exterior of this two-story, three-bedroom house beautifully compliments the cultivated sophistication of its interior. Here, you'll find the enchanting combination of raw stone and terracotta brick facades adorning the elegantly refurbished residence. It offers a sweeping hillside view that encompasses olive groves, vineyards, and privy to the breathtaking landscape of cypress trees. Spanning as a generous living area of 300 square meters, the house unfurls an array of modern conveniences for a comfortable residency or vacation home. It combines the allure of original, rustic elements with state-of-the-art finishes and technology. A notable feature is the home automation systems/domotic, which ensure an organized and efficient lifestyle. The property features: - Double entrances (upstairs & downstairs) - A fully fitted kitchen with central island - Sliding glass doors - New window frames with mosquito nets - Bathrooms with suspended wares - Alarm system with sensors - An attic offering additional storage space - A rustic cellar featuring wooden beams and brick walls Starting at €730,000, the villa is spread over two levels and offers a captivating ambiance that emanates from every corner of the house. On the lower floor, you'll find an open floor living room-kitchen, a cellar with a charming dining area, a storage room, gym and bathroom. As you ascend up, the upper floor boasts three bedrooms (2 double, one single), two additional bathrooms and a laundry room. Montepulciano, the jewel of the 16th Century, is a distinctive locale in the province of Siena, Tuscany. Living here provides an unrivaled experience for soaking up the rich Italian culture and enjoying famous local wines. The property lies a leisurely 1.5 kilometers away from the nearest amenities. Investing in this good-condition property in Montepulciano blesses the residents with the moderate Mediterranean climate all year round. The city enjoys long, hot summers, comfortable spring and autumn seasons, and mild winters. However, the unique character of this property doesn't end within the main house. Outdoors, the house is surrounded by a fully fenced garden, covering an impressive area of 4,000 square meters. The tranquillity it offers is only further amplified by the harmony of nature that seamlessly blends itself around the property, arousing feelings of peace and serenity. The undisturbed view of the hillside from the private garden is awe-inspiring, to say the least. Amenities include: - A 10-kw photovoltaic system installed in 2012 - Heat pump underfloor heating system - In-ground swimming pool - Spacious lawn surrounding the house - Tall, lush trees adorning the perimeter - Irrigation system - An automatic access gate - Gas/LPG system setup available The 10-kw photovoltaic system guarantees a sustainable lifestyle, lowering energy costs and making a significant, positive environmental impact. Living in Montepulciano is not just about building a home; it's about becoming part of a vibrant, welcoming community that cherishes its shared history and looks towards a bright future. Investing in this villa grants you an entry card to an esteemed lifestyle that is steeped in history, culture, and nature. This detached house, offering independence and closely connected to the town center, truly blends the best of both worlds: quiet countryside living and the proximity and comfort of urban life. Experience living in the heart of Italy, at Casa Collina, Montepulciano.

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