3-Bedroom Villa in Kato Paphos, Cyprus

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Paphos, Kato Paphos, Cyprus, Πάφος (Cyprus)

3 Bedrooms · 2 Bathrooms · 112Floor area




3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms




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Welcome to the hidden gem of Πάφος, gazing through the heart of historic Kato Paphos, Cyprus. A beautiful, enchanting villa stands as a distinguished presence in this thriving local community. This abode is set within a development in exquisite condition, framed by a tastefully manicured environment, and offers access to a fully maintained communal swimming pool. An embodiment of style, warmth, and sophistication, it serves as a platform for unique living and admiring journey.

The villa boasts of a generous layout spanning over an area of 112m2. Three expansive bedrooms poised for restful slumbers provide a cozy escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Spacious enough to incorporate elegant furnishings, every room is a canvas of personal design expression waiting for the owner to infuse it with their touch and style.

As for the conveniences, the villa includes two thoughtfully designed bathrooms - one being a main restroom and the other being a guest bathroom committed to ensuring the comfort of your visiting acquaintances. Versatility permeates through the villa’s architecture with two verandas, each offering a distinct vantage point to soak in the vivacious energy of the local community or enjoy serene moments of introspection.

The living room is a luxurious space where you can unwind, entertain or simply relish the tranquil views of the outdoors. Further in, you'll discover a classic dining room tailored to family meals, seasoned with love, or dinner parties that extend into the night. The kitchen is aptly supplemented with state-of-the-art white goods, inviting you to stir up lavish meals. What adds to the comfort is the villa’s complete air-conditioning system that promises to maintain an optimal climate all year round.

The property's features include:

- 3 sizeable bedrooms
- 1 Main bathroom
- 1 Guest bathroom
- 2 verdant verandas
- A spacious living room
- A functional dining room
- An equipped kitchen
- Integrated white goods
- Fully air-conditioned interiors
- Access to a communal swimming pool
- Plot area details available upon inquiry
- Offered at €313,750

Living in the heart of Kato Paphos offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Known for its historical and cultural attractions, the neighborhood is a bustling blend of the old and new. You can wind your way through the ancient ruins, stopping at the delightful taverns that line the area, or stroll to the vibrant Paphos Harbor with its inviting array of waterfront restaurants and shops.

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, Paphos is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it's hiking in the nearby Troodos Mountains or enjoying a leisurely day at one of the numerous sandy beaches, adventure awaits at every corner. The area is also served well by a public transportation system, making commuting hassle-free. This is indeed an offer too enticing to resist for those seeking a unique blend of Mediterranean charm and sophisticated urban lifestyle.

Living in a villa, especially in a locale as beautiful as Paphos, effortlessly blends luxury and homely comfort. A villa is more than just a residence; it is a symbol of elegance and class. You will enjoy the advantages of spacious living areas, ample privacy, and the liberty to fashion your living environment as you please.

In conclusion, this villa is more than just a property; it’s a key opening the door to a lifestyle brimming with rich experiences - a canvas to create lifelong memories. It stands in outstanding condition, boasting both convenience and aesthetic appeal. You are not just investing in a superb living space, but also the captivating lifestyle that Paphos, Cyprus offers.


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