Luxury Villa in Istria, Croatia: 4 Beds & Pool

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Presika, Labin (Croatia)

4 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms · 340Floor area




4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms




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This four bedroom villa is situated in Labin, Istria, Croatia, offering breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere. Just a short distance away from the sea and only 25 km from the nearest airport, this stunning property offers a convenient location for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The interior of the home has been thoughtfully finished and includes 340 m2 of space. This includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, one toilet, and a 35 m2 swimming pool. Parking and air-conditioning come as standard, while floor heating and a patio offer an added touch of luxury. The garden provides plenty of room to explore and adds to the overall appeal of the villa.

Whether you’re looking for a family home or an investment opportunity, this villa won’t disappoint. With easy access to the sea, airports, and city center, it provides a great base from which to explore all that Istria has to offer. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, this villa is sure to have something to suit your needs.


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Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Lupoglav, Istria in Croatia resides a gem of a property - a breathtaking 3-bedroom villa, ready to become your haven of peace, tranquility, and comfort. The villa covers an impressive 128m2 of living space, cleverly fragmented across two extensive levels. When you first enter this magnificent abode, the ground floor welcomes you with a spacious kitchen, radiant living room, functional bathroom, and a handy pantry. A flight of stairs leads you to the first floor, home to three diverse bedrooms. Two of these are large and spacious, while the third one, though slightly smaller, does not lack its unique charm. Beyond its chic and cozy interior, the villa is equipped with modern amenities geared for comfortable living. The soothing warmth of central heating, operated by solid fuels, ensures you stay comfortable even during the chilly winter months. The utility services are further upgraded with a cistern tank with a capacity of 32m3, which can be readily connected to water supply and electricity. An additional delight is the villa's orderly and well-maintained roof that was reconstructed merely a decade ago. The exterior of the villa is graced with a generous terrace of about 30m2, furnished to provide plenty of outdoor space to lounge and soak up the stunning surroundings. Lupoglav, Istria, is an unmatched locale full of character and charm. Pretty as a postcard, this area lies in the embrace of the Ucka mountain, making it the perfect location for those with an affinity for outdoor recreation. With a vicinity bustling with activities like walking, hiking, biking, and more, healthy living comes effortlessly here. For your everyday needs, a local shop is just a comfortable 5-minute drive away. Owning a property in the Istria region is indeed a privilege, given the escalating demand over the recent years. The villa's strategic location brings you closer to the sparkling Istrian sea yet retains the peace and calm of the scenic countryside – truly the best of both worlds. For those yearning for serenity, this place promises an evocative atmosphere to unwind and rejuvenate. Istria boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate that makes it an attractive living destination year-round. Expect mild temperatures throughout, ranging from an average 25°C (77°F) in summers to a cool 8°C (46°F) in winters. The fall season brings with it generous rainfalls and a significant change in the lush landscape. In essence, this villa is a treasure trove of remarkable experiences. Being in Lupoglav connects you with the captivating local lifestyle, while offering the tranquility of the countryside. Its unique proximity to both the mesmerizing ocean and the majestic Ucka mountains creates a diverse blend of nature, making it an idyllic settler's dream. Here, every dawn brings a peaceful day, and every dusk, a tranquil night, turning each day into a unique memory. Living in a villa like this one introduces you to a new spectrum of comfort. The spacious layout allows for airy rooms, thus providing the comfort of natural light and ventilation. You have the luxury of privacy, with enough room for each family member to have their personal space. Villas inherently bring an element of grandeur with open, large spaces perfect for gathering and entertainment. In the pursuit of an idyllic and serene lifestyle, your search might just end at this delightful villa in Lupoglav, Istria. Here is your opportunity to not just own a remarkable property but to embrace a lifestyle that is tranquil, harmonious, and luxuriously comfortable.

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Welcome to the beautiful island of Krk, located in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County of Croatia. An appealing three-bedroom villa is available for sale in this stunning locale. The villa resides on a Vršanska Ulica, a peaceful residential area offering the tranquility that your heart desires. The villa, priced at 1,500,000, measures a generous 200 square meters, providing ample room for comfort and luxury. The inside space is well structured to ensure that sunlight seeps in at the right angles, illuminating the property and creating a perfect blend of warmth and coziness. With three spacious bedrooms, the accommodation is suitable for a family or for those who frequently entertain guests. Each bedroom has been designed to offer the ultimate comfort with ample space for personal embellishments. There are also three modern bathrooms, each finished with high-end fixtures and fittings, ensuring your bathing experiences are nothing short of luxury. Beyond the interior specifics, the villa stands on a whopping 30 000 square meters of plot size. This vast expanse is supplemented by a beautifully manicured garden which provides the perfect setting for private introspective time or outdoor entertainment. The use of native plants in the garden brings a touch of the island's unique flora to your doorstep. It's a personal verdant oasis where you can enjoy the morning sunshine or the cool evening breeze. The villa also boasts of recreational facilities including a swimming pool that offers a calming dip to beat the Mediterranean heat, and a terrace with a view of the island that captivates the eye. The residence is equipped with air conditioning to provide respite on the hotter summer days and a fireplace to cozy up to during the mild winters. Living in Krk is an experience that marries the tranquility of an island with the richness of Croatian culture. The villa is a comfortable 1km away from the city center which is adorned with historical sites such as the Frankopan castle, the Cathedral of the Assumption, and various museums that speak of the island's enriched past. It also has a lively marketplace where you can enjoy local delicacies and shop for artisanal goods. The villa also offers easy proximity to the sea. A mere 1km away, enjoy the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea glistening under the Mediterranean sunshine. The island of Krk itself has various picturesque beaches like the Golden Bay beach which serve as perfect locations for a family day out or a day of relaxation. The climate on the island of Krk is typically Mediterranean. Expect hot summers perfect for beach visits and mild winters that enable year-round enjoyment of the island's natural beauty. The occasional rain showers further enhance the beauty of this tropical paradise, casting a fresh glow on the island's fauna. Living in a villa on an island comes with its own set of perks. It offers the space and privacy that an apartment would not, with the added benefit of a personal garden and pool that provides a resort-like feel. It allows the leisure of a slow-paced life with the luxury of modern facilities. In conclusion, this villa, in good condition and certified as energy class A+, is more than just a property. It is an opportunity to own a personal haven in the heart of the Adriatic, offering a lifestyle that combines convenience, luxury, and the unique charm of island living. From its design and amenities to its location, everything about this villa ensures you can have the best of both worlds- serenity and vibrancy. A home here is a promise of enchanting days and tranquil nights in the midst of captivating Croatian beauty.

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Welcome to your new beginning in beautiful Crikvenica, nestled in the heart of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Croatia. This inviting, nine-bedroom house captures the essence of a relaxed lifestyle, promising a delightful living experience with its ample 181m2 of interior space and an expansive 601m2 of outdoor area to revel in. Beyond this, the house features four well-appointed bathrooms, essential air conditioning, a practical pantry for all your storage needs, a relaxing patio for outdoor dining, and sufficient parking space for four vehicles. Prepare yourself to move right in and make this house your new sanctuary, just waiting to be enjoyed and filled with warmth and comfort. Crikvenica, where serenity meets vibrancy, offers a mixed bag of activities that cater to different tastes and preferences. Picture yourself strolling along pristine beaches bathed in glorious sunshine, the azure water inviting you in for a refreshing dip. If you have a fondness for hiking or nature walks, a myriad of national parks are within easy reach, opening up opportunities to explore the breathtaking landscapes that surround you. Cultural enthusiasts will thrive in this vibrant city, with regular events and festivals celebrating the rich heritage of Croatia. Food lovers can embark on a gastronomic adventure as the city reveals an array of restaurants and bars along the waterfront, offering local and international delicacies accompanied by stunning sunset views. The city's bustling lifestyle never stints on convenience, with all essential amenities situated nearby. What makes living in a house in Crikvenica truly unique is its enchanting blend of peaceful landscapes and lively social scenes. The potential of living in a house extends beyond mere space; it offers a chance to create a palace of dreams where every corner is drenched in personal expression. You can customise this house to reflect your tastes and preferences, from the choice of paint on the bedroom walls to the selection of plants in your backyard. Waking up to the tranquil aura and picturesque sights of this beautiful city makes every day feel like a holiday. The climate of Crikvenica promises a comfortable living experience throughout the year. The city enjoys mild temperatures during the summer months, providing an ideal respite from the heat. While many popular destinations can be excessively hot during peak summer, moving to Crikvenica means you can enjoy the best of Croatia's sights while escaping extreme temperatures. Moreover, the winters here are quite mild, adding to the overall charm of living in this coastal city. Note the balance of community and privacy this gorgeous 9-bedroom house offers. Crikvenica is not just a city, but a community bound by shared experiences and love for the place they call home. Close-knit yet welcoming to newcomers, living here evokes a sense of belonging, making your transition smooth and pleasant. The house's spacious layout and the option to personalise it match the vibrancy and dynamism of the city outside. Start your day with a serene view of Crikvenica's beautiful sunrise, spend your afternoons meandering in local markets, and unwind in your patio area in the evening offering sublime views of Croatia's starlit sky. To summarize, every aspect of this splendid 9-bedroom house along with its surroundings in Crikvenica is carefully designed to offer an exquisite living experience. A peaceful retreat when you need it, and a vibrant community when you crave a social environment - this is an abode for those who appreciate the good things in life. Make the life-changing decision today and immerse yourself in an environment that engages, excites and invites you to dream. Welcome to Crikvenica, your new home.

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